Hi hi! We’re back from our trip and have a few posts lined up with some helpful tips, hints, and purchases that came in handy with Noura. This was our first family trip and we were gone for a little over a month; 5 countries with varying climates so you can imagine the stress in packing for this lol it was my first time having to pack for a baby, let alone taking all that into consideration but alhamdulilah we did it! I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and buy a million and one things just for the sake of keeping Noura preoccupied on the trip; the whole point was for her to be preoccupied with the world duh lol so I intentionally limited myself to a maximum of 10 new items which had the potential to make the trip a little easier (as per my research and the tiktok gods lol) I can hand on heart say that each of these definitely came in handy when it was their time to shine; glad I purchased them, yes, but could I have also done without a couple? yea I guess so! Namely the Itzy-Ritzy toy and the Baby Einstein one… View Post

As excited as I am about finally jet-setting off into the world again, I’m equally as nervous and anxious and have been all in my feels about it the past few weeks just trying to mentally prepare for this trip. Travel and the world have always been my thing you know lol the thing I was good at and could/would do on my terms always and the way I wanted to. Staying in dingy hostels, accepting rides from strangers and trusting the universe and kindness of people, trying new foods without the fear of getting sick, relying on public transport because I want to do it like the locals do it, the list goes on lol but this time is already faring to be quite different. This time I’m travelling as a mama. A mama of a baby who is still very much so new to the world and has completely changed, transformed, distorted, my life. Yes a million times for the better alhamdulillah always, but I don’t know if I’m ready to let that change creep into this part of my life. Not that I’m not ready, but I don’t want it to. I don’t want it to infringe… View Post

Noura tried kiwi for the first time the other day and I was so excited to cross it off our 100 Foods list and shared it on my stories. So many of you were wondering where to get a copy so posting it here for you to download! When we decided to start Nunu on solids I was doing some research online and instagram and came across this concept of ‘100 foods for Your Baby to Try Before Turning One’ from @babyledweanteam ! I believe they have some courses to help guide you with BLW, and I couldn’t find the chart itself on the page, but a quick google search brought it up lol I reckoned it was a nice little chart to post on the fridge to help us keep track of what we’ve tried and haven’t tried with Nunu and so far we’ve been making steady progress lol A million percent, you do what works for your family and your bubbas, but I love that this just works as a rough guideline and reminds me to try different foods with her and/or add new things to her grocery shop! Hope this helps! xx

As promised, here are 6 things we’ve grown to love love for Noura over these past 6 months! Some of the items have been linked to my Amazon storefront for easy access in case you’re on the hunt for yourself or wanting to gift a new mama or baba! xoxo 6 things we love for Nunu: 1. BioGaia Probiotic Vitamin D Drops – I wish I had tried these a lot sooner than I did! If you don’t have them, check with your doctor or paediatrician beforehand but I promise they will help so much especially if you have a colic baby! 2. Bouncer – we use this every single day without fail. It’s part of our morning routine where she sits and watches as I make breakfast, or any other meal tbh. She bounces in it while I shower, while I do laundry, while her baba works and he has to watch her etc etc etc. we love it! 3. Frida Baby chest balm – any time we hear the slightest congestion, this goes on at night and we feel it makes a difference in her breathing a little clearer the next morning. 4. Breast Pump – ufft. I… View Post

I can’t believe how fast time has actually flown by! 6 of the most intense, emotionally overwhelming, no-idea-what I’m doing months I’ve ever experienced, yet now it literally feels as though I blinked and we’re here. I half-heartedly believed everyone during that first month when they said it got better and easier lol the first milestone to reach was the 6 week mark. “it gets better at 6 weeks, then you’re in the clear. Your body heals and you build a routine”, then it was the 3 month mark, “isn’t it so much better now?!” and now the 6 month mark “that’s it, she’s grown. It’s not that bad is it?!” ufft. It’s definitely been a lot, a lot of the best and a lot of the not-so-best, but I wouldn’t change it for the world alhamdulillah! She has quickly taken over our hearts and our lives and we are so so in love with her xxx literally last night we both sat staring at her as she fell asleep on my chest and just talking about how scary it is to be a parent because your heart is literally beating outside your chest and you never ever want this… View Post