open house.

So I had my very first open house as a teacher this past week (eep!) ! it was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time and a lot of running around to try and make my class look perfect. Bulletin boards needed to be covered with my students work and it kind of felt like I had to sell myself/my classroom to ‘the parents’ lol butt… it wasn’t what I had initially expected which was a teeny bit of a shame. I think I’m just used to open house or even a meet-and-greet being a big deal at schools back home (Canada) where we typically have BBQ’s and a bit of fun with a huge turnout of parents, siblings, grandparents etc. but it didn’t quite go down like that. 6 parents (out of my 18students) turned up just to stroll around, look at where their child sat in my class and walked out; no one even looked at my boards 🙁 It sounds lame, but I was excited to show my parents that their child was actually learning something in my class aka affirmation that I’m not too shabby of a teacher haha
Anyways, I know my mama is my number one fan so I took pictures to show her and I figured I could post them on this blog as well! Enjoy! X

p.s-my door is finally complete with the travel theme I was going for! I had the girls make their own ‘passports’ into grade2 which worked out nicely! x








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