Princess Day.

Thursday was dubbed ‘Princess Day’, and literally looked like it sounds. Instead of students, we had princesses. Cute little girls dressed up as their favourite Disney princess, with dresses that lit up, tiaras to match, and a hint of rouge on their lips. It was a half day due to teacher accreditation meetings so the school decided to do something fun which worked out well! Before school started, a couple teachers and I peered through the window from up above looking out to the playground and it was princess mania! There were princesses of all heights and colors and wigs and crowns and bags; basically like an all-girls Disneyland a la Kuwait. Instead of the usual morning routine, there was a princess assembly in the playground consisting of a grade-by-grade princess catwalk, Ariel and Snow White oversized bobble heads (?!?) dancing and lots of photos.

We had to get through some ‘work’; essentially just a spelling test lol but I found a cute princess wand DIY which was a cute craft we all made together with loads of glitter and markers (my girls favorite!). We spoke about princess ‘etiquette’ and qualities of a princess (they help others, they are nice, they tell the truth, they don’t hurt people etc.) and then we waltzed! So cute! I put them in pairs, one partner with the hand on the hip, the other with the hand on the shoulder and dancing as if we were at a royal ball which equated to adorableness all around! Our classroom song at the moment is the ‘kingdom dance’ from Tangled (Disney movie) which was a perfect song to waltz to. Some of the girls had brought in food (fattayah and za’attar; fattayah is any sort of bread/pastry stuffed with something [cheese, olives, etc] or like mini pizza’s, and za’attar is kind of like an unspreadable spread; mixed herbs with sumac and sesame seeds sprinkled on bread and baked) and doughnuts and I had promised them a movie with another class so we watched Tangled, and ate, and felt sleepy, and went home (my girls anyways!). All in all it was a cute day, a first for me lol but one I don’t think I’ll ever forget!

[One of the girls in another class brought in princess cake pops for the teachers which were so cute and delish so I’ve added a picture below!]

(Hope that’s detailed enough for you Hash! haha x)













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  1. mamadukes
    October 2, 2013 / 1:29 am

    yes, what a colourful event, it made every little girl dream of being that princess.
    and why not! a great description of the kingdom day….not a toad in sight!
    saira i can soon see you writing a short children’s book, keep it up!

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