rain, rain, go away.

The third annual Arab-African summit took place in Kuwait this week (19th-20th) and it just so happened that we had a ginormous storm from about the 18th-20th! I’ve noticed that when Kuwait does something, it’s more of a ‘go big or go home’ type deal. As the hosts of the summit, everything was straightened into tip-top shape from the landscaping of palm trees to putting up flags of all the countries participating in the summit (which was really cool!). We have this big roundabout near us and there were flag poles placed around it as well as on the highway and bridges which I thought was a pretty sweet welcome on the part of Kuwait. So because this summit was a big deal and there would be a lot of cars on the road and many dignitaries were staying in surrounding hotels etc. etc., the ministry decided to give everyone the day off on Tuesday! Apparently last year there was way too much congestion and the important people couldn’t get to their events on time so they changed it up this year. The night before the holiday though (Monday night), was the crazy storm which had been brewing throughout the day and decided to hit with full force just as we were on the way home from school, but anyways, we decided to go out for a walk in the storm. The wind was cray cray (I thought I would literally fall over), my hijab was all over the place, and mini salty hail stones kept hitting our faces. And it was awesome! Our apartment is less than a 5minute walk from the gulf (I think you know this by now!) and its quite a long stretch of water and somewhat of a beach, but anyways, the entire pathway was basically flooded with water and the tide had come so close to the beach. Waves were ginormous! Like uber high and you could feel the force with which they crashed against the rocks, but it was oh so refreshing to just go out an experience it.

We drove over to Fahaheel on our day off just to hang about and have a change of scenary which was nice; grey and dreary which reminded me so much so of being in London, but it was nice nonetheless! Because of the storm and the summit still going on, there was a chance we would be off on Wednesday as well which I was praying for lol but after much anticipation it was decided (at 9pm) that students would have another day off but teachers and staff would still have to attend…why? I still don’t know, but I had some time to change up my bulletin board!! So happy at how it turned out J we have a reading/literacy week next week and the theme is based upon the Dr. Seuss quote (the more you read, the more you know), so I figured I would go with a Dr. Seuss theme (oh the places you’ll go à places you’ll go when you read…get it..?!) as we have been talking about rhyming words in class and plus it just works together (in my opinion!) Truffula trees (the trees from the Lorax!), hot air balloons and all, I think it’s cute! I had my girls write a short poem/rhyme about reading or books on a ‘cat in the hat’ template which completed the whole look!

Aand.. we also got a new camera (eep!) lol but that’ll be a post in and of itself! Enjoy! xx

















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