blurry souks.

just a quick outfit post; I’m in the midst of posting photos from Dubai but it keeps messing up 🙁 hopefully in the next day or two! The sun was out and about today and nice and warm which allowed me to debut my new sunnies lol yay! We went to eat at the souk after school today and I wanted to purchase a Kuwaiti dara’a or Kuwait dress for school tomorrow. We got there at around Asr (midday prayer) so a lot of the stalls were still closed or their owners were literally sleeping in the store so we figured we would take some pictures while we waited. hungry husband = blurry pictures you have to sift through to get the best ones lol so voila!








Shirt: Topshop

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Forever 21

Bag: Mango

Sunnies: Topshop


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