last Friday during juma, the khutbah (sermon) was based around the idea of smiling. Smiling at each other, family, friends, strangers on the street, just to make someones day and/or avoid the other party assuming you to be a grouchy individual. In this case, being Friday and all and speaking to a group of Muslims, it was also geared towards how we should approach people whilst spreading and/or speaking about Islam rather than getting all aggressive and coming off as OTT. The Imam (preacher) went about it by using the word itself as an acronym which went a little something like this:

S: Smile when spreading Islam

M: Making the shaking of hands (his words not mine lol) ie. shake a brothas hand! (this goes for brothers only; sisters shake with sisters!)

I: Introduce yourself to other people (don’t be a cocooned saddow)

L: Learn the name of the other party (being sociable works both ways)

E: Eye contact; make eye contact when you meet someone; it adds to the genuineness of your character and makes you come off as human and not a robot preoccupied with something else!

It’s not much to go off of, but it resonated with me and I’ve been making more of an effort to smile at people 😀 you never know who might be having a crappy day and your smile just might make them feel a little less sad. I have a sign hanging from my desk that you see as soon as you enter my classroom which reads “Take time to share a smile!” which I absolutely love. Seeing and hearing my ickle kids smile and laugh (yes you can hear smiles..!) everyday makes me smile and laugh with them which is a tad bit infectious and lessens the worries of planning or work etc.

What makes you a smiley person?! xo.


(p.s. this was from that juma a couple weeks ago; we had gone out prior to prayers hence the turban, so yes I changed my hijab before going in!)


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