(early) Earth Day!

Although Earth Day is on April 22nd, our school dubbed this week ‘Earth Week’ as we’re off during that week. Display boards were to be changed and we introduced students to the 3 R’s, which was kind of new to them because there isn’t as advanced of a recycling system in Kuwait like what we’re typically used to. The girls loved the display because they stuck on their own snack wrappers/garbage on the appropriate bags and were visually able to see how to sort garbage! yay! We watched the Lorax yesterday which they loved and our new favourite song is ‘Let it Grow’ (our second favourite is ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen..!) I had planned a really cute and delish activity for them to make and eat today, BUT school was sporadically cancelled for students today being the last day before break and all so my plans kind of flopped lol but we’ll try and squeeze it in when we’re back! Happy early Earth Day! xo.






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