Ciao, schools out!

Tuesday was the last day of school for my little girls πŸ™ I kinda sorta miss them already! I won’t be returning back to the same school in September and I had broken the news to my class about a month ago. They were devastated and asked questions like “why miss?” “don’t you love us anymore?” “we’re sorry please forgive us and stay” “we will follow you miss and come in your suitcase!” lol basically they were adorable and it broke my heart a little. I was torn between telling them or not but I didn’t want them to turn up in September looking for me and feeling as though I abandoned them and I think I made the right choice x

I’ll get back to the mushy gushy feel-good stuff in sec, but Tuesday was also International Day. At the beginning of the month every class was to choose a country to learn about, leading up to ‘International Day’ where the students dressed up in traditional dress of that country and brought in food etc etc. Our class chose Italy and the girls loved studying all about it; we also made the Leaning Tower of Pisa out of paper rolls which turned out really well! I had asked the girls to dress up as gondola drivers (as they do in Venice) and bring in pastas and pizzas and bread sticks etc. It’s ‘tradition’ that students don’t bother up showing up on the last day of school so I had said some of my goodbyes the day before not expecting many girls let alone them coming dressed up because hey! it’s the last day after all lol but they did and they were oh so cute and Italian! One of the mums had brought in stick-on mustaches for everyone which added to our costumes which were awesome (I felt a bit like Luigi from Mario Bros. lol) I also had the girls create a checkered tablecloth (which I’m going to dub a ‘DIY”) for our Italian lunch Β and we spent the day visiting Egypt, Germany, Japan, and Romania! Each grade level did a class rotation where they were to learn about and/or make a craft of some sort in relation to that country, so I had traced mustaches for the other classes to cut and create their own which they were excited about.

At the end of the day we all knew the inevitable was bound to happen :'( my girls cried and sobbed into my stomach which made me tear up loads but what to do πŸ™ I received a couple gifts and cards which were so sweet and thoughtful (statement necklaces! oh they know me so well!) and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I had laminated a poem to give each child with some ‘smart’ies πŸ˜‰ which they loved x

So, my babies are gone, report cards are due tomorrow, and teachers still need to come in for another 2weeks-ish which stinks a little bit. We’ve started packing our things, both for home and our new school next year (inshallah) so its a bit exciting and rushed all at once! Also have a couple exciting things in the works before home time and Ramadan so keep an eye out! xo



























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  1. June 3, 2014 / 12:56 am

    Omg your class are the cutest! And oh in definitely stealing international day from youuu! And another oh, school’s finished?!! I’m stuck in school 3/4 of Ramadhan πŸ™

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