bye bye x

I’m sitting at my gate, been here for about an hour now, heading to London then eventually back to Toronto and it feels kind of weird! All I can hear is English and I understand what people are saying and it’s too noisy for me to hear myself lol a part of me is excited to see familiar faces and family but a part of me is sad to leave my ickle Kuwait. A year from today I never would have expected to be here let alone completing my first year of teaching! Alhamdulillah for everything times a jillion. Fran dropped me off this morning and we indulged in probably my last halal fast food meal for 2months lol (sausage egg mcmuffin mm!) but I think my system needs a break.

I was stressing out about my luggage being overweight and having liquids etc. in my hand luggage but again, God bless Kuwait lol it doesn’t reaally matter here. I mean I was slightly overweight but throw in a couple bismillahs and all is well lol Shaheers not with me as he left a couple days ago so I kind of miss the ‘man-respect’ if you will, but so far I’ve been okay; I beeped going through the detector and naturally stopped to be searched but instead I was salaamed and my luggage was picked for me and I was sent on my way. I’m majorly going to miss that about Kuwait and being treated slightly like a foreign English-speaking princess lol lord knows that my mother will set me straight! haha

So no more posts from Kuwait, perhaps London then I’ll be blogging from the Tdot (bleh) lol but such is life! Have a lovely weekend wherever you are! xx


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