Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia. #welcometoMalaysia

If you’ve been keeping up with my instagram and/or snapchat, you’ll know that Shaheer and I are currently in Malaysia! We’ve got 5weeks off from school (extended holiday…!) so taking a bit of an East Asia tour! I told myself I would blog and post pictures about the trip once I get back, but earlier today I thought to myself isn’t a blog meant to provide that outlet just to write on a whim?! (I answered my own question with a yes!) so here I am writing on a whim!

It’s our last night in Malaysia; we spent five-ish days in Kuala Lumpur exploring the city and a few touristy spots which was amazing. I wasn’t aware that December is rainy season in Malaysia (it never crossed my mind to google it) so it’s been quite wet and damp during our stay. During the day it’s been ‘wet’ with no rain if that makes sense, and then a bit of a downpour in the evening, which is fine because we tended to go out during the day.

We flew into KL airport which wasn’t too far from the main city, but are flying out from the eastern side of the country. Shaheer was our travel agent lol and after he booked it we went ‘oh’ no worries, then had a look on the map for a visual and went ‘OH!’. Completely Eastern of everything lol but after asking around we figured we could get a coach/bus to the other side in time for our flight out. Which we did today! Left at around 3ish and arrived about half 8ish so quite a long drive but jeez. So beautiful subhanallah! The last time I experienced a ride like that was in Nepal about 5years ago but it was just wow! I tried of course to take pictures and saving snapchats along the way to show everyone lol but its one of those things that pictures just don’t do justice to. I remember in Nepal it was something you see on the television and never think it to be right infront of you and no matter how many pictures I tried to take of the winding roads beneath me and the depth of the hills and valleys surrounded by all this lush greenery, it just wasn’t the same!

Today was the same and all I could feel was a goofy smile on my face everytime I looked from right to left, amazed by how it all just looked so perfect. I fell asleep lol and Shaheer was feeling a little motion sick, but I woke up at a pit stop to find it darker outside and raining, which was understandable given we were driving further uphill towards the massive rainclouds and had heard that the Eastern part was affected more by the weather than KL. We had planned to go to Taman Negara which is kind of like a rainforest if you will with trekking and animals and such (toursit spot) but had been advised that it might not be safe with the weather and flooding and potential mudslides. Looking through the bus window we could see rivers of mudwater flowing under bridges which were eventually turning into bigger ponds and just water flooded into streets which I assume to be residential areas. There was a point where it looked to be an entire brown lake drowning trees and three men in a canoe trying to get across someplace. As it got darker, there were more and more cars lined up against the highway which isn’t anything to worry about (*the lightbulb in one of the lamps to my right has just died. fml #firstworldproblems) any ways! all these cars lined up and not a problem because there are often vendors selling food or trinkets etc. on the side of the road and its typical for people to stop. I noticed a few houses and buildings which looked to be shorter than usual and hardly a person in any of the streets which was like oh okay cool…adjusted my eyes a bit more and omg it was literally an entire town flooded like what you see on TV! Petrol stations filled halfway with water, only the roofs of peoples houses peeking out from the flooding, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before! Of course you feel helpless and even more so on a safe bus that’s just driving past like nobodys business but ah! Think back to a time when you’ve seen a flooding covered on the news and how its just water everywhere and no one can do anything because there’s nothing you really can do. Just like that.

Made it to our hotel after arriving at the bus station in Kuantan; which is meant to be a beautiful part of the country but given our departure tmrw inshallah next time x Took a long walk to find some munch as there wasn’t a variety to choose from nearby. I feel like a cow at times because I feel like I’m being too picky when it comes to food and just cleanliness and I’m all for trying new things and experiences and cultures and streetfood and all that jazz but sometimes I get put off by certain smells or the look of a place and then I question myself as a person and consider myself to be a terrible human being for acting in such a way when I’m just a regular human being like everyone else and just blah. It’s an internal struggle which I’ve promised myself to try and overcome over these 5 weeks inshallah! I’m sure it’s not just me though, anyone else?!

I’m also a little disappointed with myself for using instagram and snapchat and hey ho now blogging whilst I’m on this really exciting adventure but I like sharing :$ I’ve fallen in love with snapchat and the way I can make small videos to show and share the cool things we see so everyone can see too and it’s not done in vain for ‘showing off’ purposes I swear, but I love the idea of sharing our experience with others who are interested without doing youtube and such. If you’d like to see what we get up to as well, feel free to add us on snapchat! Mine is: shazaira and Shaheers is: fathandz

I’ll add in a couple pictures from the bus today, taken from my phone so may not be the greatest, but just know that the reality was 10 times better and hopefully it inspires you to see it for yourself one day inshallah! It’s Shaheer’s birthday as well today and he’s patiently waiting for the laptop so we can watch some shows before bed so I think that’s all for now. Happy Christmas Eve and Christmas to those who are celebrating and hope you have a fabulous day with your loved ones! We’re so accustomed to Christmas Eve being that last big rush of shopping and mall coverage and cold weather, but there’s nothing of the sort here. It’s quite a calm and peaceful Christmas Eve I must say lol






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