so if you recall back in October I believe I went on a mini rant on how we were meant to go to Oman for the Eid holiday and our plan was scrapped due to the schools paperwork not being done on time etc etc . remember that time?! yes so after postponing the trip at least another 3 times and thinking it was never going to happen, we finally went for a weekend back in February. Not the greatest timing as we had just got back from our Asia trip and my crutching self was definitely not helping the situation but we put our mind to it and went and absolutely loved it! Even though it was only for 2 days, it was a nice getaway and felt completely different to Kuwait. Very mountainous and just so natural and real in terms of the landscape as opposed to seeing tall buildings and flats most of the time! Spent the Friday at Sultan Qaboos for prayers and walking around and taking in how beautiful of a masjid it was. Seriously just made you want to sit and reflect and pray and just hang out and take it all in. Went out to the souk as well which was also a pleasant surprise as it was near a marina you could say but totally reminded me of when we were in Kos and felt so European as opposed to Gulf-ish lol and there were loads of European tourists as well which we haven’t really been used to in Kuwait lol but yes, I assume Oman tends to be a tourist destination then! Dined at a place called The Cove I believe which was cute; I think 8 restaurants built into a man-made mountain/’cove’ which gets really pretty in the evening and gives a beautiful view down below which was nice. We were only in Muscat but would love to check out Salalah and def Muscat again on two legs inshallah! p.s anyone thinking of going or is going, would recommend hiring out a car prior to arriving as they fill up pretty fast and driving would just make your life a whole lot easier, and cheaper and plus the roads are just as good as the ones back home so no real concern! ¬†Me saying that is a big deal because I wouldn’t ever recommend driving in Kuwait for someone just going for holiday or checking it out lol I love Kuwait but nuh uh to driving unless you’re just as mad as the rest of the drivers out there! ¬†Anyways, two thumbs (and a leg) up for Oman! Look forward to going back inshallah x










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