Bit of a random one really! I think we must have had a long day at school and went out for the evening to do some shopping and probably ended up having a brownie and cuppa instead but anyhow! Gave these shoes another wear and still can’t get over how comfortable they are! OH YEA! haha just remembered we went to Mooyah!! Greatest burgers of all times and if you order a hotdog they slice it horizontally for you and place it in the bun that way so as to avoid messy eating and trying to shove the bloody thing into your mouth! so yes, Mooyah was our destination and we ended up strollin for a wee bit and that was that!

p.s. anyone else absolutely hate it when people are watching you take pictures…?! and you feel all awkward and shy and nervous laughter and its just bleh?!?!


IMG_0247  IMG_0276 IMG_0277 IMG_0282

Duster: Mother dearest x

Lace crop top: Forever 21

Trousers: ZARA

Shoesies: ASOS

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