Princess Day!

Alas we celebrated ‘Princess Day’ once again this year which I secretly loved lol the girls looked adorable and were overjoyed with my poofy princess skirt! Shout out to my fabulous artistic amazing TA who made me a beautiful crown out of pipecleaners! eep! so pretty and sparkly and perfect!x

Figured we would do a princess-y craft the day of, and as we were learning about shapes at the time I found the perfect craft which they adored! Essentially just creating a princess out of shapes that we had pre-cut for each of them lol pretty simple and effective and they were ecstatic; especially when we put them up in class for everyone to see!

As for my fabulous princess skirt, Hijabimama strikes again! I had received this skirt ages ago and promised myself I would wait for the perfect occasion to pull it out et voila! Not one of those flimsy, ‘I look poofy and full but really I’ve got 2 layers of tulle and that’s about it’ kinda skirts lol it’s got loads of layers and it poofs in all the right places! I believe they also come in different colors so do check her out on instagram: @hijabimama and on facebook! xx

IMG_0094 IMG_0106 IMG_0107  IMG_0133 IMG_0134

IMG_0132IMG_0145IMG_0154 IMG_0240 IMG_0241

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