Adios 2015

Alhamdullilah 2015 allowed for a fair bit of travelling to be done and one of the goals for 2016 is to add another ten countries to that list inshallah! Trying to grow up slightly and convince myself that spending on experiences instead of material things is the way to go but don’t understand why I can’t have both?! Lawl alhamdulillah again a jillion for work and opportunities and location and just being able to travel and see the world! Thinking of new places to add to me list led to reflecting on where we actually did go this past year and some of the cool things we saw and did/didn’t do, and voila! A post was born! Enjoy x

January 2015 – Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam

Best Moments

-Cambodia is so so beautiful and raw and real and wonderful! I had the goofiest grin on my face walking around taking it all in!

-visiting Wat Phnom and sitting up on one of the structures overlooking the garden not only made for one of my favorite pictures, but serenity for my soul x I could have sat there all day with not a care in the world

-taking a night tour on a tuk-tuk with all the pretty lights and the buzz of people and the river was another beauty in and of itself; I felt like I was in one of those movie scenes when a foreigner is experiencing East Asia for the first time in their life with their head out the window and his/her facial expressions reflected against the nighttime backdrop of bokeh’d street lights and it no longer becomes a scene that you’re just watching, rather one that you feel in your ickle heart, all whooshy and wanderlusty and ah! Just like that x

-feeding monkeys was kinda cool, nbd!

-visiting the river market in Thailand was an experience! Missed the early morning bit when you actually get a chance to sit in a boat and ‘market’ on the water itself, but this was just as cool! I also grew a pair and had some noodly beef soup thing which was definitely outside my comfort zone, and it was surprisingly tasty so yay!

-half mastering the metro in Bangkok was an accomplishment! Proud of us for using it to get everywhere! I love the challenge of using paper touristy maps to get around when travelling, be it on foot or transit.

-After hurting me leg and being on crutches with a potentially infected and massively swollen foot, I was uber proud of myself for hobbling on the streets of Vietnam! There was no way we had come so far only to be confined to our hotel room so it had to be done. Trying some street food and possibly the best scallops I’ve ever had was mm x Taking a tuk tuk tour of the city was another amazing Cambodia-like movie scene lol so rustic and raw and real and such nice people! Definitely going back at some point to see it in its entirety, on 2 feet inshallah!

 Not so best moments!

-missing New Years fireworks on the river in Cambodia when they were literally right outside our hotel!! We had come back from a long day out, said we’d rest and set an alarm for a bit, then walk down to the river which again, was less than a 2minute walk from our hotel!!, and we slept throughout everything!!!! 🙁 major disappointment lol but oh well!

-not staying in Cambodia long enough to visit Angor Watt 🙁 🙁 duhhhh! You can’t go to Cambodia and not visit Angkor Wat which was very dumb on our part lol but I guess it’s an excuse to go back inshallah!

-err nearly dying! Not dying so much lol but having an accident on a moped in Thailand! Worst decision and feeling and everything ever! Kinda ruined the next couple weeks of our trip in terms of what we couldn’t do, but everything happens for a reason init! Lord knows the dent in my leg will always remind me of what a foolish choice that was lol

-not doing the jungle ropes course and the infamous playing with tigers in Thailand! The day we had planned to do all that is the day of the accident, so I’ve convinced myself it was a sign from above to avoid it, but it’s still on my list!

-obviously not being able to see the historic side to Vietnam because of my hurtings but inshallah next time!




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February 2015 – Muscat, Oman

Best Moments

-This was a trip we were meant to take 3 months earlier and for a week, but paperwork delayed it and resulted in a weekend trip, but oh so beautiful and worth it! The geographical landscape was so different to Kuwait and Dubai which was a nice change. Praying jumu’ah (Friday prayers) at Sultan Qaboos was heartwarming and hanging out in the courtyard hours after prayers brought this calming ease to the soul x

Not so best moments

-would hire out a car next time around just to see more of the country!




April 2015 – T.O

What’s not to love when you go home lol

June-August 2015 – T.O & London & Scotland; France & Spain

Best Moments

-not sure if T.O and London count because they’re both home, but this year was lots of back and forth between the two in the span of a couple months especially with Ramadan and Eid and my granny being ill x My cousin and her husband were in London during the second leg of London which was exciting because we got to do all the touristy things again which is always a good time!

-first time ever taking the megabus lol I remember I used to see them at the bus stops all the time on my way to uni and thought hmm maybe oneday we’ll take a ride on one of them lol so yay!

-Paris makes you feel like a princess and you just want to walk for days and take in the architecture and culture and sights and just mmmm x Paris had me feeling all types of excitement and a goofy smile plastered on my face the whole time. Crème Brulee , the best goat cheese salad by the Louvre, Laduree on Champs Elysees, and subway picnics right under the Eiffel Tower made it all so much better.

-Barcelona stole my heart and has me yearning to go to Rio and just South America in general. Driving on the motorway and overlooking this mass congestion of people and houses and streets looked so beautiful and intriguing and I would’ve loved to take a walk amidst it all. Walking the streets of Barcelona though, *sighhhhh* beautiful architecture and buildings everywhere you look. Definitely someplace I’d love to get lost!

-We had stopped in Andorra for a day prior to Barcelona; it’s a tax free haven surrounded by these gorgeous mahusive mountains and waterfalls and mist. Best pretzel croissant dipped in chocolate and covered with almonds EVER.

Not so best moments

-Wouldn’t do a car in Barcelona again just because I feel the metro would allow for more stopping and walking!

-had my heart set on trying a wicked paella, but alas never happened lol





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Soo..! excluding my two homes, I count 7 which is not too shabby alhamdullilah! I have a couple trips planned inshallah for the next little bit but there’s so much more of our ickle world I’m excited to see! Are there any places you’ve been to and just dying to revisit?! Give me some ideas and let me know below or on Instagram! Heading home tomorrow and a uber long flight ahead of me so inshallah it goes well. I don’t want to be stopped or deal with all the ‘Mozlem’ stuff but that’s another post in the works in me head which I’ll probably post whilst I’m home. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! xx

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