Content with a massive side of constant alhamdulillah is how I would define this past year.

I didn’t reach my goal of traveling to 10 countries unfortunately lol but I did hit 7 (Japan, Bali, Greece, Portugal, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Cyprus, and Turkey) which I’m truly thankful for having the opportunity to do so! alhamdulillah times a million x

I feel like I dished a lot of my feels in my end of school year post in the summer, and that overwhelming sense of gratitude and love and happiness for life and the people in my life carried itself throughout the year. It was a happy year; a genuine, free-spirited and full of love&light kinda happy, and I pray those vibes carry themselves into the next inshallah x

I tried things out of my comfort zone, went on super cool adventures, dined on me own, made new friends, cried when old ones left, spoke to strangers, and truly took ownership of my own happiness!

This year has taught me to have hope and faith, both in the universe and its people and that a little love can go a long way. It’s hard lol especially in todays world; it’s hard not to judge, not to compare, not to feel adequate or content with where life’s brought me up to this point but making a conscious effort to see the good and positive versus the not-so-good has made a world of difference to me soul and outlook on life x by the same token I’ve also learned that sometimes people suck a whole lot no matter how much of yourself you give, be they good friends or even family! there’s only so much of yourself you can exude until you unfortunately have to make a conscious decision to remove the negativity in order to make room for positive growth and good vibes and good people, and you kinda sorta have to make peace with yourself about it.

Putting love into everything you do, always always trying to see the good in people regardless of, and trying you utmost not to hurt anyones heart are traits which theoretically sound a lot easier, but the least any of us can do is to try and work them into our daily lives. Our world needs a bit of love and positivity and who couldn’t do with a little extra happiness in their day?! It’s the small things that count isn’t it?! Try to smile at at least 5 people everyday, try to pick up garbage you see on the street, hold doors for people, say nice things, use your manners, try to tell people you like what they’re wearing or their hair (if you honestly do of course!), etc etc etc and in time I truly believe those actions and behaviours become engrained into ones entire being and soul x

I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been blessed with this year, my friends and family, work, health, and the chance to wake up every morning and try to do me best and be the best version of me for those in my life. “Whatever you are, be a good one.”

I’m also super grateful and thankful to each and every one of you who take time out of your day and lives to keep up with this blog and read me posts and rants or support me on instagram and have become part of my online family x big hugs and lots of love and light sent your way! Here’s to all your dreams and goals coming true this year and to all of us working together to make the world a better place one hug at a time! xoxo


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