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Vegan, Halal, cruelty-free?! Words synonymous to what we’re having for lunch lol but how often do we think about them when it comes to makeup?!


Personally, I’d never heard of ‘halal-certified’ makeup; I’m a Sephora kind of girl as I’m sure many of you are, and more concerned about whether I like the particular shade/product than if it’s halal or haram

Cue Shade M Beauty. A brand which reached out a few months ago asking if I would be interested in trying their liquid lipsticks which were Halal Certified, PETA Approved, Vegan Friendly, and Cruelty Free. Not going to lie I was a tad skeptical right off the bat because of the ‘halal-ness’ of the product; as if to allude that what I was currently using was oh so wrong and not permissible and honestly just the words ‘halal’ and ‘makeup’ together kinda sorta made me feel like something would have to be compromised I order for that dynamic to work. This might be a terrible example lol but I can’t imagine regular bacon tastes anything like ‘halal’ turkey bacon (please tell me this makes sense lol)


Like myself, you’re probably wondering what on earth makes a product ‘halal’ (permissible according to Islamic guidelines). A couple of google searches later, Vogue Arabia seems to have it down pat:

Halal skincare and cosmetics range from lipsticks to serums that are produced without any pork, dog, or alcohol ingredients. Halal also stresses the significance of a holistic lifestyle, so the concept of what constitutes a product as “halal” or “haram” goes beyond the ingredients used and includes the packaging, manufacturing, as well as the distribution methods. Other requirements suggest that halal beauty products must be handled with clean utensils and must be produced with materials that are not harmful to humans.

That being said, halal skincare and cosmetics extends beyond the presumed Muslim demographic; many women from all walks of life are looking for products with cleaner ingredients which don’t test on animals and don’t compromise on quality.


Shade M does all that and more. And I was pleasantly surprised. I travelled with their liquid lipsticks, used them in a variety of climates, tested a range of colors, and found myself going back to them on the regular.

The brand was created to challenge the existing market by raising the bar and reshaping the beauty industry as we know it. A brand made for bold and beautiful women around the world, Shade M believes that a major part of loving oneself is using beauty products which are clean and safe.

Halal – Vegan – Cruelty-free

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Briefly touching on the nitty gritty of it for you below before we get into the shades themselves!


Formulas are free of pork and all other animal and insect by products deemed unclean in Islam. We’ve skipped out on all the pork-derived ingredients popular in the cosmetics industry, such as oleic acid, lanolin alcohol, gelatin and glycerin. None of our products use insect by-products, like carmine, a red pigment commonly used in makeup that’s derived from dried and crushed beetles blood.

Our products are manufactured on separate lines, guaranteeing that each item is made using clean utensils and machines. We can assure you that there’s no cross contamination with Shade M products and non-halal ingredients.

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By PETA’s definition, vegan means that a product is made completely free of animal products and animal-derived ingredients. As a vegan friendly brand, this means that our formulas are free of gelatin, cholesterol, collagen, guanine, honey, oleic acid, carmine and other ingredients commonly found on beauty shelves. Whether you consider yourself plant-based or carnivorous, vegan products are proven to be not only friendlier to our skin but also our planet – and all without any compromise.

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In compliance with PETA’s definition of cruelty-free all ingredients and processes involved in the making of Shade M makeup, from production and development to the final product, were without any tests made on animals. Thanks to modern technology, we’re able to test and assure the safety of our products without hurting any animals in the process. Shade M is passionate about minimizing harm to our planet and we really do love everyone (even the smallest of creatures)!

Okay onto the fun stuff!

Introducing Shade M’s Matte Liquid Lipsticks. The Muse range features 15 shades of highly pigmented long-lasting matter liquid lipsticks made in Italy. Remember I mentioned being skeptical about compromising on quality? Totally not the case with these lip colors. The formula glides on so so smoothly, smells amazing, and is super pigmented so you get the ultimate coverage in just one swipe; another thing I loved was the applicator itself which is in a tear-drop shape so you can can line and fill with precision.

Hand on heart these are super long-lasting and hardly need any touch up throughout the day. I wore them in Costa Rica and Dubai and made a point to carry them in my bag in case I’d need a top up, but was pleasantly surprised each time I’d catch myself in the mirror. They do need a couple seconds to dry completely, but once the colors on, its on!

You’ve probably been able to gage my love for nudes and nudey-pink and nudey-brown-pinks and the odd bright color haha so I’m obviously biased with some of my favorite shades!

Desrose and Vivid are my perfect nudes; Desrose is more of a brown undertone while Vivid has a pink one


Lila is a fab mauve with like a hint of lilac/brown/nudey goodness

Red Hot is a lush classic red which isn’t super bright or orangey; definitely a beautiful bold pop of color!

IMG_6841 2

Foxy I loved whilst on holiday; a perfect burnt orange, but like a vivid burnt-orange which looks gorgeous on tanned skin against the blue ocean! So so good!

Mauj was me stepping out of my comfort zone lol reds are usually as bold as I’ll go on my lips, but took one for the team with this deep purple which kinda sorta grew on me!


The one shade which caught me off guard was Xcentric which is a silver metallic crazy pop of bright metal goodness all on its own! I’ve seen it be used as a great way to create art and its definitely a must for festival season if that’s your thang, but I’ve only experimented with it in the inner corner of my eyes or under a winged liner for a tiny pop which was more than enough for me lol but loved it nonetheless!


These are all gorgeous shades which are grand staples in any makeup kit. I reckon you could also play around with the tints as cream eyeshadows or blush (on my ‘to-try’ list!). As Eid’s approaching soon this would make the perfect gift for any makeup enthusiast or even a pretty everyday color for mama! Shade M currently has 25% off your entire order for Ramadan which is an added incentive if I do say so myself!

Check them out online here, and follow them on Instagram so you’re updated on any promo codes or future product/color launches! Promise you won’t be disappointed! xoxo




  1. B
    May 14, 2020 / 6:33 pm

    Great read as usual, can’t wait for the next post!

    • gigglingcamel
      May 18, 2020 / 6:39 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. May 15, 2020 / 5:27 am

    The burnt Orange was Made for you !!!!! Love your smile !!!

    Thanks for taking the time and sharing !

    • gigglingcamel
      May 18, 2020 / 6:40 pm

      makes me miss tanned skin! thanks for reading! xx

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