Oh Canada/Toronto. You were doing so well. I was just starting to feel home sickly and fuzzy feels about you and your people and the way things are done but it was too good to be true. I’m sat at Pearson Airport in my fairly (new) patriotic Toronto Raptors hoodie (probably my first time owning any Canadian/Torontonian memorabilia. yes not even Roots sweatpants. and I’ve only done so as a result of this trip and all the good ‘we the north’ feels [thanks Zain lol]) and I was hoping for a smooth check-in, reception, flight etc. My small talk for the check-in counter was prepared so as to distract the rep. from my slightly overweight luggage, I knew what seat I wanted to request alongside exactly what I wanted to pick up from duty free. Alas.

It decided to snow this morning. Toronto’s first proper snowfall of the year, wind and flakes, the whole 9-yards. Obviouslyy I know what happens when it snows. I was born here, went to school here, waited for countless buses in horrid weather etc etc. and once upon a time loved snow, so naturally we left home a couple hours earlier to get to the airport on time. Squads of salting trucks were taking over the streets and long story short, 2 and a half hours later we made it to the airport. Mind you my flight was leaving in 45 minutes, but I just had to drop my bags and run and I would’ve made it. Air Canada has got to have the worst customer service ever whilst employing the most senile, un-empathetic, non-smiling, and frankly rudest employees ever. One of the ladies had me jump the queue because of the time, but the woman at the desk was so bluntly in-your-face and goes nope you missed your flight go line up behind everyone else so I can serve them first. errrr…..so I waited and watched how she somehow managed to get someone else in my same position ¬†on to get their flight.but that’s none of my business. got called to another counter with yet another failure of a representative who told me to go home and I’d have to get changed onto a flight tomorrow and actually had to reason with him to let me use a phone to call my brother to turn around and pick me up. “do you have a phone I can use please?” “no.” “the phone behind you, can I please use that? my phone isn’t working in this country.” “—-” “can you at least dial the number and you can call for me??!!!!” “what’s the number?” ūüėź ¬† argh!! dealt with another rude lady until finally someone was silently able to change my flight whilst consciously ignoring my sniffling teary-eyed self.why are people so mean and unfriendly Air Canada?!?!?

So now I’ve got another 2ish hours at the gate. I’m seated in a middle seat on the plane which I can’t handle for a 13hour flight. Duty free didn’t have what I wanted, and my Starbucks tastes horrid. Everything happens for a reason and alhamdulillah again for everything and I didn’t have to pay extra for a new flight, but dang son. It’s definitely one of those days!


I’m sitting at Frankfurt Airport feeling distressed. I feel anxious and on the verge of a panic attack which is weird because I’ve never felt that before. Is it mean that I don’t want to go home? Not ever, I just don’t feel ready to go back to it all yet. Maybe travelling on my own has something to do with it but there’s this unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. My feet hurt; flip flops are a bad idea I guess, and I haven’t eaten partly because i don’t think my innards can handle it atm. Shaheers in the air somewhere on the way to London. I’m tempted to book a flight from here to Gatwick on a spur of the moment feel but I can just imagine how mama would feel lol argh. I feel uncomfortable and it’s different seeing people follow rules for a change. How can home and a people’s you’ve lived amongst and grown up with seem so foreign to you within a couple years? Kelly and I were on the same flight so we kept each other company prior to boarding and departing so that was nice. Not sure who’ll be waiting to pick me up from the airport but pretty sure I’ll knock out as soon as we get home. The PAs been announcing that only 1 piece of hand luggage is allowed as the flight is full; I’ve got 2 so what do I do.. I hope there’s no one sitting next to me so I can put my feet up; got lucky on the last flight and managed to snag two seats which I was over the moon about and had as fabulous of a sleep one can have on an airplane. It’s meant to rain in Toronto when I arrive and I can’t remember the last time I experienced rain; going from 42-47 degrees to about 25 is going to take a bit of adjusting to I imagine. Boarding has started with the special classes and passengers with kiddies so I presume I’ll be up soon. I guess Lufthansa has an affiliation with Air Canada because that’s the second leg and I don’t think I’m quite a fan. 8 hours until touchdown inshallah x

#possiblymymostfavouriteteeever xo.










 Tee: Tshirtpolicy London

Cardi: ya’anee by Saira

Necklaces: AZHA workshop (@azhaworkshop)

BF Jeans: Primani

Flats: Zara

I love anything that contrasts well with white, so when I was gifted this lovely necklace from The Gift of Glamour (@thegiftofglamour), it kinda sorta made my day! I paired it with one of my pieces, a lilac high-low shirt dress, and white skinnies because why not!

Be sure to check them out on instagram and facebook. They have a variety of statement necklaces, headpieces, clothes and more which are uber cute and reasonably priced! You can also shop online via their website and shipping is free to Canada & the US (they also ship internationally!)







¬†Shirt Dress: ya’anee by Saira

Necklace: The Gift of Glamour

Watch: The Gift o Glamour

Skinnies: H&M

Flats: Zara













Leggings: H&M

Cardi: ya’anee by Saira

Necklace: Azha (@azhaworkshop)

Flats: Zara