Really random post but aren’t abayas just the greatest?! about to make some pancakes because why not (they’ve been my latest addiction) and of course you can’t have them without a cup of tea am I right?! Lo and behold we were out of milk and it was one of those ugh can’t be bothered to get dressed and go down and get some from the bakala buttt a whoosh of my abaya and my scruffy polkadotted-pajama clad self was ready to go lol literally a second to throw on, a wrappity wrap wrap and all done! pancakes and Pocahontas2 to end the night; yass movie on a school night! lol did you know there was a Pocahontas2?!! I had no idea! enjoy your evening wherever you are!xo.

So the school decided to move the Earth Day free dress day to this Thursday instead of cancelling it all together which was awesome because I got to do my little ‘craft’ with my class. The kids were allowed to wear whatever they wanted as long as they had some earth colours (blue, green, brown etc.) which some of them stuck to…! we spent the afternoon watching ‘Over the Hedge’ which was essentially about destroying forests to build neighborhoods and it’s effect on the animals lol not sure if the kids got the bigger picture but it was fun nonetheless! I had them make their own dirt&worms ie. day..?! (Crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate pudding, and gummy worms!) it was our first time being able to do something hands on and following a procedure but they had a blast and loved eating their little treat!

Although Earth Day is on April 22nd, our school dubbed this week ‘Earth Week’ as we’re off during that week. Display boards were to be changed and we introduced students to the 3 R’s, which was kind of new to them because there isn’t as advanced of a recycling system in Kuwait like what we’re typically used to. The girls loved the display because they stuck on their own snack wrappers/garbage on the appropriate bags and were visually able to see how to sort garbage! yay! We watched the Lorax yesterday which they loved and our new favourite song is ‘Let it Grow’ (our second favourite is ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen..!) I had planned a really cute and delish activity for them to make and eat today, BUT school was sporadically cancelled for students today being the last day before break and all so my plans kind of flopped lol but we’ll try and squeeze it in when we’re back! Happy early Earth Day! xo.

    Jumpsuit: H&M Jumper: Topshop Shoes: Asos Necklace: Zara    

My lovely jubly class forgot some of our rules the other day pertaining to homework etc etc. so being my teacher-self I put my game face on and began counting on my fingers. “We’ve been at school since September, October, November, December, January, February, and now March, and we still haven’t figured it out!” I began..then I looked at my hands and went damn. I’ve been here for thaat long already?!?! and I began missing my mum and my family and my bed etc etc. but jeez! time has seriously gone by so fast and until or unless you actually start counting the months it never really dawns on you does it?! Being in Kuwait for almost 7 months has made a tad bit lazy to be honest ^^’ there’s sort of an unwritten ‘rule’ if you will that if you don’t want to do it you really don’t have to! House needs a clean? hire a cleaner, car needs to be washed? someone will wash it, shopping bags too heavy? someone will literally follow you into every store and hold your bags for you, can’t raise your kids? hire a nanny lol I’ll stop now, I’m sure you get… View Post