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My lovely jubly class forgot some of our rules the other day pertaining to homework etc etc. so being my teacher-self I put my game face on and began counting on my fingers. “We’ve been at school since September, October, November, December, January, February, and now March, and we still haven’t figured it out!” I began..then I looked at my hands and went damn. I’ve been here for thaat long already?!?! and I began missing my mum and my family and my bed etc etc. but jeez! time has seriously gone by so fast and until or unless you actually start counting the months it never really dawns on you does it?! Being in Kuwait for almost 7 months has made a tad bit lazy to be honest ^^’ there’s sort of an unwritten ‘rule’ if you will that if you don’t want to do it you really don’t have to! House needs a clean? hire a cleaner, car needs to be washed? someone will wash it, shopping bags too heavy? someone will literally follow you into every store and hold your bags for you, can’t raise your kids? hire a nanny lol I’ll stop now, I’m sure you get… View Post

So I wasn’t planning on doing a post on National Day just because it was in February and we’re basically in April now lol but I was just going through some pictures to send to parents and I have to share! Kuwait National Day is/was on February 25-26th and we had spent the whole month learning about the country etc etc. The girls had a show for their parents doing traditional Kuwaiti dances and then we also had a Kuwait dress-up day (hence my dara’a and Kuwaiti hijab lol) but we had a good time! Really gets you into the spirit of things and singing all types of Kuwaiti songs! “ana Kuwaiti, ana, ana, ana Kuwaiti” is basically the best song ever lol check out this youtube video of a flash dance done in the Avenues a couple years back! Made me happy chappy and feel oh so Kuwaiti! xo.      

I posted a picture on instagram yesterday of my class praying; regardless of it being an American school and following an American curriculum, students also take Arabic and Religion as core courses which I think is valuable to them. They are starting to learn how to pray in religion class so I asked the religion teacher if I could tag along to watch. Everyone came prepared in their thoubs and head scarves and some with prayer mats which was adorable! I had to take sneaky pictures because almost no one wanted their photo taken lol faces were hurting and they ‘couldn’t breathe’ but it was the cutest thing ever! Watching them go through the motions and recite surahs was kind of a moment in and of itself that I think only a Muslim would be able to appreciate and feel emotional over. I felt like my little girls were growing up and that this was an important milestone in their ickle second grade lives lol this is something that they’ll most probably use for the rest of their lives and is one of the main pillars of their faith and kind of like when a child loses his or her… View Post

last Friday during juma, the khutbah (sermon) was based around the idea of smiling. Smiling at each other, family, friends, strangers on the street, just to make someones day and/or avoid the other party assuming you to be a grouchy individual. In this case, being Friday and all and speaking to a group of Muslims, it was also geared towards how we should approach people whilst spreading and/or speaking about Islam rather than getting all aggressive and coming off as OTT. The Imam (preacher) went about it by using the word itself as an acronym which went a little something like this: S: Smile when spreading Islam M: Making the shaking of hands (his words not mine lol) ie. shake a brothas hand! (this goes for brothers only; sisters shake with sisters!) I: Introduce yourself to other people (don’t be a cocooned saddow) L: Learn the name of the other party (being sociable works both ways) E: Eye contact; make eye contact when you meet someone; it adds to the genuineness of your character and makes you come off as human and not a robot preoccupied with something else! It’s not much to go off of, but it resonated with… View Post