Tuesday was the last day of school for my little girls 🙁 I kinda sorta miss them already! I won’t be returning back to the same school in September and I had broken the news to my class about a month ago. They were devastated and asked questions like “why miss?” “don’t you love us anymore?” “we’re sorry please forgive us and stay” “we will follow you miss and come in your suitcase!” lol basically they were adorable and it broke my heart a little. I was torn between telling them or not but I didn’t want them to turn up in September looking for me and feeling as though I abandoned them and I think I made the right choice x I’ll get back to the mushy gushy feel-good stuff in sec, but Tuesday was also International Day. At the beginning of the month every class was to choose a country to learn about, leading up to ‘International Day’ where the students dressed up in traditional dress of that country and brought in food etc etc. Our class chose Italy and the girls loved studying all about it; we also made the Leaning Tower of Pisa out of paper… View Post

Shirt: H&M Pants: H&M Flats: Zara Bag: Zara

Thursday was neon day at school; the girls were to wear anything neon and the day was full of music and dancing and a whole lot of fun! The auditorium was turned into a glow in the dark room with black lights that made everything glow (including our lips thanks to some special glowing lipgloss!) and everything looked pretty awesome! I thought it would be cool to decorate the walls so had cut up stars of different sizes to put everywhere which I have to say looked pretty cool! We also had a huge inflatable slide set up in the playground which us teachers obviously had to make sure was child proof lol I struggled with my camera settings hence the blurry photography lol and second graders aren’t always the best at taking pictures at times but here’s a snippet of what went down! xo.

Really random post but aren’t abayas just the greatest?! about to make some pancakes because why not (they’ve been my latest addiction) and of course you can’t have them without a cup of tea am I right?! Lo and behold we were out of milk and it was one of those ugh can’t be bothered to get dressed and go down and get some from the bakala buttt a whoosh of my abaya and my scruffy polkadotted-pajama clad self was ready to go lol literally a second to throw on, a wrappity wrap wrap and all done! pancakes and Pocahontas2 to end the night; yass movie on a school night! lol did you know there was a Pocahontas2?!! I had no idea! enjoy your evening wherever you are!xo.

So the school decided to move the Earth Day free dress day to this Thursday instead of cancelling it all together which was awesome because I got to do my little ‘craft’ with my class. The kids were allowed to wear whatever they wanted as long as they had some earth colours (blue, green, brown etc.) which some of them stuck to…! we spent the afternoon watching ‘Over the Hedge’ which was essentially about destroying forests to build neighborhoods and it’s effect on the animals lol not sure if the kids got the bigger picture but it was fun nonetheless! I had them make their own dirt&worms ie. earth..soil..earth day..?! (Crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate pudding, and gummy worms!) it was our first time being able to do something hands on and following a procedure but they had a blast and loved eating their little treat!