just a quick outfit post; I’m in the midst of posting photos from Dubai but it keeps messing up 🙁 hopefully in the next day or two! The sun was out and about today and nice and warm which allowed me to debut my new sunnies lol yay! We went to eat at the souk after school today and I wanted to purchase a Kuwaiti dara’a or Kuwait dress for school tomorrow. We got there at around Asr (midday prayer) so a lot of the stalls were still closed or their owners were literally sleeping in the store so we figured we would take some pictures while we waited. hungry husband = blurry pictures you have to sift through to get the best ones lol so voila! Outfit: Shirt: Topshop Jeans: Zara Shoes: Forever 21 Bag: Mango Sunnies: Topshop

My lust for the Valentino Rockstud flats has ‘inspired’ this post. I’ve committed myself to saving up for these beauties because ain’t nobody got that much to spend at once on a pair of shoes! after seeing them on a few people at the Qout market a couple weeks back, I most certainly want them on my feet! I have my eye on either the t-bar flats or the 2-inch ones in the patent nude aka ‘poudre’ ; I believe they come in a few styles, the flats, t-bar flats, 2inch heels, and 4inch heels, all complete with the infamous valentino studs and in an array of colours. Aren’t they lovely?!

we visited the qout market this weekend which takes place on the first Saturday of each month. it was essentially a sophisticated-ish (‘artisanal’ according to its insta account) farmers market with various stalls selling organic produce, arts&crafts, and delish food! definitely something we’ll be marking on the calendar! P.s. Hi Fran! X

I was uber excited to find the perfect black jumpsuit a couple months ago in one of the sales and couldn’t wait for the weather to get better so I could put an outfit together. it’s been a bit chilly-ish here in Kuwait but the sun came out yesterday so I pulled out the jumpsuit, turned the iron on, and burned a hole right through the bleeming thing! after having a bit of a strop lol we made it work! xo. jumpsuit: Vero Moda neck scarf: Zara cardigan: Primark shoes: Carvela/Kurt Geiger watch: Marc Jacobs bag: Roots (love you Munisa!x)

Thursday was ‘Professional Day’ at school where the girls were to dress up in professional attire in relation to what they aspired to be when they get older. I’ve never seen so many doctor getups in my life lol but they were cute with briefcases and surgical masks. Our ‘teacher contribution’ you could say, was to have our class be a station for students to participate in some kind I activity ie. dance studio, cafe etc. We had planned to have a dance studio but that idea was quickly taken by another class so my girls and I decided to do nails💅 better yet, why not have a salon/spa where we could do nails, hair, and massages! My aide had this cute portable massage chair she was able to bring in and I figured we’d do salon type snacks?! lol but it turned out to be a pretty sweet station complete with sounds of the ocean to create that spa-like ambience which everyone loved! Welcome to 2B’s Salon!