just a quick outfit post; we got back yesterday from our trip to London and it was back to school today:( picked up some groceries after school which explains the erm..parking lot…lol still a bit jet lagged and suitcases to unpack but oh well. Thankfully the weathers back to being warm-ish in Kuwait, especially compared to the chilly British one we just experienced. A little gloomy this afternoon hence the terrible lighting but I’m not complaining! Even though we had a nice break away, I still missed Kuwait and my ickle girls x also what better way to come back to work than with a cute gift and message from a students mother! xo. Outfit: Jacket: Asos Shirt: Primani Pants: H&M Shoes: Zara

Our second day was spent visiting Miracle Garden in Dubai. It’s a beautiful garden where flowers have been arranged on various displays to pop out and look pretty awesome! Not sure if it was due to valentines, but there was a ‘lovey dovey’ theme going on at the park complete with heart shaped arches above the pathways. Shaheer and I have been keeping up with a couple fairytale shows [Once Upon a Time & Once Upon a Time in Wonderland] and I couldn’t help but be reminded of Alice from Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts while we were walking around. Before heading off to the airport we stopped by the Souk Madinat in Jumeirah which was bee-you-tea-ful! If you’re ever in Dubai definitely stop by for a bite to eat or just to stroll around and take in the scenery. The indoor stalls are similar to your regular souk but once you step outside its as if you’re seeing a mirage of middle eastern architecture at its finest. if that makes sense?!  Regardless of, I wish we had had more time to spend there. Alas, we had to arrive fashionably late at the airport whilst our gate was closing… View Post

Fran and I hit up Dubai this week to get some much needed sun and essentially just a break! We had planned to see a couple sites (Aquarium, Ski Dubai etc.) but spending the first day entirely in the Dubai Mall kinda sorta tired us out. I’ve only been to Dubai once before when my sister came to visit but Fran’s been loads so she knew her way around. We somehow managed to spend on accessories more than items of clothing lol but who can resist pretty sparkly gems?! I also got conned into purchasing the ciaté caviar nail varnish at sephora lol the sale lady had sampled the different types on each nail and I couldn’t resist..! My good friend Nagina was also in Dubai visiting her cousins so we got the chance to meet up for a bit which was lovely! Outside the mall and somewhat in front of the Burj, is a [pond?] which I guess is better known as the musical fountains/Dubai fountains due the spectacular show they put on in the evening, to music of course, which was beautiful. The entire architecture around that area is just beautiful and makes you not want to leave!… View Post

just a quick outfit post; I’m in the midst of posting photos from Dubai but it keeps messing up 🙁 hopefully in the next day or two! The sun was out and about today and nice and warm which allowed me to debut my new sunnies lol yay! We went to eat at the souk after school today and I wanted to purchase a Kuwaiti dara’a or Kuwait dress for school tomorrow. We got there at around Asr (midday prayer) so a lot of the stalls were still closed or their owners were literally sleeping in the store so we figured we would take some pictures while we waited. hungry husband = blurry pictures you have to sift through to get the best ones lol so voila! Outfit: Shirt: Topshop Jeans: Zara Shoes: Forever 21 Bag: Mango Sunnies: Topshop

My lust for the Valentino Rockstud flats has ‘inspired’ this post. I’ve committed myself to saving up for these beauties because ain’t nobody got that much to spend at once on a pair of shoes! after seeing them on a few people at the Qout market a couple weeks back, I most certainly want them on my feet! I have my eye on either the t-bar flats or the 2-inch ones in the patent nude aka ‘poudre’ ; I believe they come in a few styles, the flats, t-bar flats, 2inch heels, and 4inch heels, all complete with the infamous valentino studs and in an array of colours. Aren’t they lovely?!