so figured we might try a hand at posting outfits etc. etc. due to an infatuation with my closet (alhamdulillah?!) and clothes in general lol sharing is caring n’est ce pas?! (plus I need a place for my jillion outfit pictures!) Enjoy!xo. Outfit: shirt: Primark necklace: New Look jeans: Zara flats: Primark bag: H&M

The third annual Arab-African summit took place in Kuwait this week (19th-20th) and it just so happened that we had a ginormous storm from about the 18th-20th! I’ve noticed that when Kuwait does something, it’s more of a ‘go big or go home’ type deal. As the hosts of the summit, everything was straightened into tip-top shape from the landscaping of palm trees to putting up flags of all the countries participating in the summit (which was really cool!). We have this big roundabout near us and there were flag poles placed around it as well as on the highway and bridges which I thought was a pretty sweet welcome on the part of Kuwait. So because this summit was a big deal and there would be a lot of cars on the road and many dignitaries were staying in surrounding hotels etc. etc., the ministry decided to give everyone the day off on Tuesday! Apparently last year there was way too much congestion and the important people couldn’t get to their events on time so they changed it up this year. The night before the holiday though (Monday night), was the crazy storm which had been brewing throughout the… View Post

So we basically had a Halloween celebration at our school; it was just dubbed ‘costume’ day lol the girls came to school dressed up, surprisingly in Halloween attire (witches, pirates, etc.) as did some teachers. I wasn’t expecting there to be a big roo-raa as we have back home for Halloween but it was close to it which was surprising being a Muslim country and all, but oh well! Here are some pictures of our day!

I was invited to a surprise birthday party for one of my students who was turning 7. In Kuwait you’re allowed to go to these things and the students and their families love you and genuinely want you to attend. Her mum has been planning this since September when it was actually her birthday, but she waited about a month in order to make it a ‘real’ surprise which was cute. In Kuwait if you’re going to have a party or a function you go all-out, so a hall-type movie theater was rented out for this occasion which was like ohmygyashshesonly7! There was a stage for the other kids to dance and play on and clowns to entertain them alongside a Dora life-size impersonatorthing (forget what they’re called!) Bless her little heart when she walked in all dolled up thinking she was going someplace else and everyone yelling surprise! She was overjoyed and changed into a princess outfit and these silver sparkly hightops as a gift from her grandma to complete the look. Dinner was what we’re used to having at a wedding lol buffet style ofcourse, but it was an opportunity to sample traditional Kuwaiti cuisine which is similar… View Post

This isn’t reaaallyy meant to be just a school blog lol so I figured I would include some pictures I’ve taken over the past few days of Kuwait and my surroundings in general! We haven’t been able to travel around Kuwait much yet just because you need a car to do that and there’s only so much money one’s willing to fork out for a taxi lol but inshallah we’re planning on hiring one out soontime! The week after next we’ve got a week off for Eid (yay Muslim country lol) so we want to go explore and do some sightseeing! A lot of people, including teachers are travelling because everything is kinda sorta nearby (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain etc.) but I personally want to get to know Kuwait first before I go elsewhere. It really is a beautiful country and I want to see more of it! The sunrise in the morning when I’m up getting ready is amazing! I don’t have the best view from my apartment, but if I step onto the balcony I get a good enough glimpse of the gulf and a few palm trees and it does the job in satisfying my ickle heart… View Post