it’s been two weeks and three days since Kuwait has become our home for the year. So far so good alhamdulillah! The people are lovely, kind hearted, and beautiful as is the country itself. Feelings of anxiety and nervousness have passed somewhat but I still (and most likely always will) miss my family back home x The constant noise and a 10persons presence within a household is something you miss when it is reduced to 2people in a 2bedroom flat; which is nice and all but you get what I mean. After having somewhat of an ikea makeover, our flat now has a homely feel to it which is great considering much of the day thus far has been spent indoors. Not because we’re lame and don’t want to explore, but because it’s hot. Hot ya’anee hot hot! When my plane landed at around 1am and the pilot announced it was 40degrees celsius, I thought it was a joke. Until I stepped outside and inhaled a whole lotta hot! It’s getting better, temperatures are meant to cool down in October-ish when people supposedly get out their winter jackets and boots, but after surviving winter in Canada I think it’s one… View Post