Ola! So everything’s been on a temporary hold for the last little bit; life, the blog, life lol and thanks to those of you asking where it went because I presume that to mean you missed postings..?! yay!x Couple posts to share in the next few days so stay tuned inshallah! A turban tying tutorial of some sort also finally made its debut on instagram a few weeks ago, so let me know if you’d like to see it posted here! Hope everyone’s Ramadan is going well and you’re happy, healthy, and so in love with life inshallah! xoxo

Content with a massive side of constant alhamdulillah is how I would define this past year. I didn’t reach my goal of traveling to 10 countries unfortunately lol but I did hit 7 (Japan, Bali, Greece, Portugal, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Cyprus, and Turkey) which I’m truly thankful for having the opportunity to do so! alhamdulillah times a million x I feel like I dished a lot of my feels in my end of school year post in the summer, and that overwhelming sense of gratitude and love and happiness for life and the people in my life carried itself throughout the year. It was a happy year; a genuine, free-spirited and full of love&light kinda happy, and I pray those vibes carry themselves into the next inshallah x I tried things out of my comfort zone, went on super cool adventures, dined on me own, made new friends, cried when old ones left, spoke to strangers, and truly took ownership of my own happiness! This year has taught me to have hope and faith, both in the universe and its people and that a little love can go a long way. It’s hard lol especially in todays world; it’s hard… View Post

total overkill on this one versus the 4-5 initially intended, but its the last of this season (lawl) what with the new year approaching, so exceptions can be made! If you haven’t the faintest what I’m on about, revert back to episode 1 here love bug!xo.        

I received these designer earphones by SUDIO [Sweden] and must say that they’re pretty freaking awesome! firstly, how beautiful and chic do they look?! white and rose gold?! #winning ! secondly, they’re wireless (via bluetooth) so no more tangled wires or headphone jack inputs! SUDIO “represents elegant products with studio quality sound and exquisite minimalistic design” and offer a range of headphones/earphones to suit your needs. I received the SUDIO Vasa Blå which “features cutting edge Bluetooth 4.1 technology with multi-pairing capabilities. Vasa Blå boasts up to 8 hours of unlimited play-time with unique standby for up to 10 days, giving you the ultimate wireless freedom. With a carefully tuned driver and amplifier, the Vasa Blå delivers superior studio quality sound and noise isolation so you never miss a beat.” SUDIO’s products are known for their timeless design and stay-in-ear feature which allows you to wear the earphones as an accessory around the neck when you’re not using them. The packaging itself is super chic and the earphones come with 4pairs of buds to suit your preference alongside a cutesy leather pouch to use on the go, a metal clip, and charging cable.  And incase the white and rose gold isn’t your thang, they also come… View Post

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably noticed that this skirt has made more than its fair share of debuts on my page alongside a number of other bloggers/instagrammers sporting the metallic trend (is it still trending?!) so I thought it might be helpful to share some potential styling ideas for those who wanted to give it a go and make it a little less daunting of an experience! (because lets be honest its a tad intimidating wearing something so shiny!) I had been on the hunt for a metallic, particularly silver, mid-length skirt, with pleats of course, but it fared super difficult to find one the perfect length for me tall self that wasn’t too short and I didn’t want a maxi. I had picked up this gold pleated material from the souk last year with plans of making it into something but never got around to it; finally got a chance to see a tailor this year, figured lets skirt it, and voila! the perfect length and a cute skirt was achieved alhamdulillah! Solid knit/jumper If you’re opting for a low-key, testing the waters kinda look, pairing your skirt with a complimentary solid knit gets the job… View Post