For as long as I can remember I’ve always been slightly insecure about my skin and longed for the day I’d feel comfortable enough to leave the house without any makeup on me face. Tried and tested loads of products throughout the years as I’m sure loads of you have as well, and I think I’ve managed to find a set routine which has worked wonders for me! Yay!

I was in Korea last year and in awe of everyones glass-like, glowy skin, completely clear of imperfections and the abundance of skincare products available on every street corner and wanted in on the secret – fact: it’s a super overwhelming experience and doing your own research on certain products and how to use them will save you so much time and money in hindsight.

If you haven’t heard about Korean skincare or the K-Beauty regimen, I definitely recommend you read up on it, check out some before/after photos, and give it a go before shutting it down completely. The objective of K-Beauty is to focus on your skin, nourishing/hydrating it, so it looks healthy and oh so amazing without the need for makeup (sounds too good to be true yea?!) It all comes down to the art of layering, no not clothes for once lol but your products in a specific order which I’ll go through with you below! Instead of relying on one particular product to do all the work, Koreans believe that layering products allow the skin to breathe and avoids clogging the pores.

10-step routine-2.png

7-10 steps seems like a lot morning and evening, but I promise this will soon become one of the most therapeutic and rewarding parts of your day! It varies only because you don’t need to do certain steps every single day (exfoliate, sheet mask, oil cleanser) but you can gauge for yourself depending on what your skin needs that particular day.

A massive prerequisite would be to understand your current skin type and what issues you’d like to work on (excess oil, uneven skin tone, acne etc.). This will help make it so much easier when choosing which specific products you’d like to incorporate into your routine.

If you’re skeptical about going all in and purchasing an entire new skincare regime, I’d recommend you begin with the products you might already be using on the daily and try layering them in order as per the infographic above (in case layering doesn’t make sense, essentially means you simply apply the next product on top of the previous one!) Try that out for a couple weeks, see if you notice a difference and go from there!

I’ve listed and linked some of the products I’ve been using since December which have made a massive difference to my skin and in its appearance – can officially do the leaving house with no makeup on lol so your girl is completely sold on this!


This is a travel-size version of the original tub it comes in. Using two cleansers (oil and water-based) might seem like much, but double cleansing ensures all the gunk is completely removed and your face is squeaky clean (oil-based cleansers remove oil-based makeup and impurities)

I love this Heimish balm because it goes on as an oil (apply straight to your face makeup and all) and when you add a bit of water it turns into a bit of a cleanser consistency which you keep working into the face and then wash off. I double-cleansed religiously when I first started the routine but now only tend to do the oil-based on days I wear makeup; water-based is everyday.

Next is a water-based cleanser which gently removes the oil residue and any water-based impurities.

I usually apply one pump to my face, work it in and wash off; can use a FOREO or other cleansing device for a deeper clean if you like!

Toning is one of my favourite steps of the entire routine. I think you’re meant to apply a bit of toner to a cotton pad and wipe any residue left on the face which isn’t a bad idea lol  (I do this sometimes), but then I go in and layer my toner an additional 4-7 times to ensure it all really gets in there. Pour a bit into your palms, rub, and apply to your face using a patting motion. Definitely think the key is to pat with love so all the goodness gets soaked in, but I definitely recommend layering a minimum of 4 times to achieve maximum results!

The purpose of toner is to balance your skin pH levels; this toner in particular works amazingly, wasn’t super strong, targets a few issues, and one of my faves!

Essence helps add another layer of hydration to your skin prior to your serum/ampole. Adding an extra layer of hydration helps with the texture and plumping of fine lines and wrinkles. Essence tend to be of a thinner consistency than serums and help prep your skin to absorb the goodness to come (serums/ampoles).  One pump, rub between palms, and pat onto your face!

I’ve heard good things and bad things about SPF but it’s been a staple in my routine even before the K-Beauty routine. Korean SPF brands are the only ones I use because I find them to be perfect; not greasy or oily, don’t leave any white residue, don’t smell, and in my experience they just naturally come in higher SPF forms. You can also get great water-based ones but this one has been lovely so far. I’ve had this tube since December and we’re still going strong!

I remember doing loads of research on this moisturizer and trying to find it for ages a few years back, even in Korea and it never happened. It’s got a high count of collagen, meant to do wonders for fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity, firming, and an overall glow. It does all these things and I love it lol because it’s of a slightly thicker consistency I only use this in the evening to maximize its effect on me face; a little goes a long way, and again, patting is key!


I hope that’s provided a bit of insight into the entire process and inspired you to try it out for yourselves. I’ve been doing it regularly for about 7 months now and am still shook and saying bismillah and alhamdulillah to the changes it’s made to my skin. Granted it’s not just the products themselves, eating well, drinking lots of water, a healthy lifestyle etc etc. is obviously also key; what you put inside is obviously going to reflect on the outside, but this has helped loads too!

I’ve recently begun to alternate between some serums and toners, and using certain products in the morning/evening so might potentially do another (much shorter!) post just on products to provide some options to choose from.

Super excited for you to have a go at this and wish you nothing but lovely jubly glowy radiant skin inshallah! xoxo