so we’ve had a bit of an accident. I actually have nothing else to do at the moment as I’m now confined to a bed for the next week or so, thus posting..

Currently in Phuket and were meant to (and so excited) to see and play with the tigers yesterday. Rented a scooter/moped/bike from the hotel and practiced til we got the hang of it. Shaheer let me drive which was cool because I was doing a better job anyways haha and off we went. 5 minutes later I tried to slow down and stop which wasn’t really working as I was braking and accelerating at the same time (brains), figured if I stuck my leg out it would kind of slow us down like when you’re on a bicycle (logic..?!), massivest fail and we kinda sorta crashed on the left side of the road into one of them raised sidewalk things and that was that.

Shock and blood and feeling unable to breath properly and wanting to cry but it wasn’t working and just ah. long story short, ambulance, hospital, stitches, screams, needles, can’t walk.

yay! no tigers, no ziplining, no walkings for now, and lots of pain. alhamdulillah it wasn’t worse as it easily could have been so there’s the bright side. wallopings from mother dearest for being so irresponsible and silly, but it’s love no?