Once upon a time I went through a watch phrase, building a pretty alright collection of the general tones, gold, silver, white, black (never did purchase a rose gold although it was on my list!) and was coincidentally thinking to meself a couple weeks ago that I haven’t purchased a new one in ages!

As fate would have it, I received this beauty from Harvey Nichols (Kuwait) who now stocks Larsson & Jennings. Founded in 2012, Larsson & Jennings is a Swiss Made watch brand reimagining classic design through contemporary craftsmanship and style, creating harmony between art and precision. Their watches exude this super chic yet minimalistic aesthetic which can easily be dressed up or down. The brand sports three collections, Lugano, Saxon, and Norse; the one I’ve got on is the 40mm Lugano I believe! Be sure to check them out online here and if you create an account you’re granted access to a sale which is on until the 3rd of October. Larsson & Jennings is now available at Harvey Nichols in the Avenues (Kuwait) so def stop by next time you’re out for a shop! xo.