There are already loads of articles and posts people have written on this and just how ridiculous it is (i.e. France deciding to ban the burkini on beaches or basically anything that is covering oneself because of its supposed link to an allegiance to Islamic radicalism etc. etc. etcccccccc.) which is exhaustive to just think about because the same countries who supposedly pride themselves on free speech and free will and equality for all are the same ones who backtrack on their word and become selective as to which specific peoples are actually entitled to that freedom and who isn’t which is completely contradictory but for some reason certain individuals in positions of power fail to recognize that point. As of a few days ago I believe the ban was overturned/suspended by France’s highest court but women are still being asked to leave public beaches and Nice is still fining women and it’s just one big fat sigh because honestly people, men, women, whoever, should be able to wear whatever they choose and whatever they feel comfortable in without a third party literally dictating what should be placed on their body.

Anyways, the burkini has never been my thing because I just don’t like how it looks, but tights and an oversized shirt with a turban has always done the trick for me when it comes to the beach. Sharing said look in case the burkini isn’t your cup of tea either but you’d still like something modest-ish for the water. Fair enough you’re typically the most covered amongst a sea of bikinis and speedos or pure nekedness, but whatever, you do you! xo.

IMG_9361  IMG_9362