Hola from Mexico!


We’re en-route again, this time from a new part of the world which I haven’t ventured to yet and quite excited to experience. If you follow me on instagram you’ll know we just left Cancun a couple days ago and spent a day in Mexico City as we haven’t really got to our final destination..!


My sister in-law is joining me this time around which is grand as we’ve traveled together before so know what to expect from each other (fact: you can’t travel with just anyone regardless of how close they are to you)


We had decided beforehand that this wasn’t going to be a luxury, wine-and-dine trip, as we just wanted to experience the countries/cities ‘as-is’ without a hefty price tag and to kinda sorta prove to ourselves that you don’t need X amount of money to see the world.


I know for a fact every time I’ve gone someplace, I get at least a handful of DMs asking how I fund my trips and what I do for work to afford travelling etc. and honestly friends, you can do it too! Not going to go into a long rant about how we all choose our own priorities in life and are conscious of decisions/life choices we make and the potential consequences and repercussions of those choices in the future etc etc etc., but yes, it’s completely realistic and reasonable to travel and experience the world without spending an arm an a leg if you don’t want to! Alhamdulillah I’m forever grateful for the travel opportunities I’ve got over the years with certain brands/charities/tourism boards, but I started off traveling solo to step out of my comfort zone and to try something new for myself, on my own dime, and still do, AND I’m the absolute worst with money, so if I can kinda sorta do it, I think you can too!


Slightly gone off on a tangent, but yes, back to this trip.

We decided we would only stay in hostels as that’s the most economical option for us – you’ve also got couchsurfing and air-bnb options which are relatively less than hotels, but this worked for us (if it’s the first time you’re hearing about hostels or interested in more info, check out this blogpost here); we decided the most we would spend per night would be $20. This is still relatively ‘a lot’, but again, considering the type of room/location/reviews etc. it’s up to you what you’re okay compromising on. We’ve seen rooms at $5 a night but didn’t feel comfortable with the photos, so this just works for us; the range so far has been between $11-$18 which is in budget so yay!


In terms of daily expenses, we’ve planned to stick to between $80-$100 USD per day for the both of us (altogether); so about $40-$50 each. This should cover food, transit, souvenirs?, and certain activities we might want to do. Granted, depending on the specific activity/tour etc. we’re willing to be flexible within reason, but obviously not a stupid amount if that makes sense..!


We’ve been keeping track of our daily spendings and trying to stay within budget, so thought it would be great to share what and how we’re spending to kinda sorta show you that travel doesn’t always need to be super expensive. Promise my intention isn’t in any way to mock or normalize or flaunt the aforementioned budget-range because I know that’s not the case for a lot of people, but it’s one which works for us at this particular moment in time without going into debt for the sake of going on a trip.


First up is Cancun and Mexico City. These actually worked out to be layovers en route to where we’re headed, and quite long ones at that. 19 hours in Cancun and 23 hours in Mexico City, so of course we wanted to take advantage and explore a little with whatever time we had.


Make Up Shop Order Process Timeline Infographic

We were slightly over the 50 but under 60 in Cancun (blaming it on the excitement of it being ‘day1’ plus were super hungry after the trek hence the biggest expense being lunch lol but under is still under!) Mexico City made us both proud as we felt it was the day we did the most walking, most touristing, most eating, and still managed to be way under so yay!!

Apprehensive about the next couple days as I have a feeling we might give up on the budget and pull a yolo lol but we’ll see what happens!



You’re probably already aware of my obsession with Tshirtpolicy London (@tshirtpolicylondon) and their printed tees which are oh so awesome! I introduce to you the Tshirtpolicy sweatshirt! eep!! how cool does it look?! I was sent this alongside another one which I have yet to wear (waiting for that one special day) lol but oh so comfortable and stylish at the same time! I love the fact that I can just throw it over without worrying about sleeves or arms hanging out and they can easily be worn over sweats or jeans or skirts etc etc.! Not too sure what my hands were doing for this one lol but enjoy! xx










 Sweatshirt: Tshirtpolicy London (@tshirtpolicylondon)

Polka Dot Skirt: Forever 21

Flats: Gap

Jacket: Primani

Back from Canada as of a few weeks ago and settled back into routines and markings. Grannie is doing much better now alhamdulillah x Schools been busy; the week I got back we had inspections and people visiting which made everyone a tad bit on edge and it was just hectic all around. We also have an International Day coming up next Wednesday so expect pictures from that! Similar to what was done last year (if you recall seeing pictures from ‘Italy’ that my class did last year), except at this school its a whole production filled with song and dance and lights; the whole ten yards! Exciting no?! Our country this year is Costa Rica as the other 2nd grade classes are Argentina and Panama so we’re all sticking to the ‘Americas’. Cannot wait to show you my board!! so so cool and so proud of it! Kudos to my TA who is a genius and loves art and detail like me and never thinks my ideas are OTT and goes with it lol we’re a good team alhamdullillah! A girl in my class had brought in a cake for me upon my return with a note from her mum saying ‘because she love you too much!’ which was adorbs lol and I also received a personalized mug from another girl which melted my heart a little. As frustrated as I get and however many feelings I feel at times whilst teaching lol my ickle class still gets me every time <3

err we went desert camping this past weekend; a few teachers from school had organized a day in the desert similar to what was apparently done last year so we went along. It was uber cool and not what I expected. Not ‘glamping’ lol it was essentially a fenced compound with about 5 tents within the enclosure. From the outside they look a bit daft but step in and you’ve got beds in one, sofas in another with TV’s and electricity, a grass garden, a tiled kitchen, a regular toilet lol all the comforts of home really. We spent the day playing games and just chilling; there was a barbeque with some delish meats and salads and it was a really lovely day out! 🙂

Also visited the Qout market; again you might recall seeing/reading about it last year. The atmosphere hadn’t changed much, but we enjoyed strolling and eating lol btw, Evian do Kenzo water?!! only in Kuwait init!

We did a Thanksgiving (American) with everyone as well a couple weeks ago which was nice; we had a potluck, so I made apple cumble and was quite chuffed with meself haha felt a tad bit over dressed for the occasion as it wasn’t ‘that’ type of fancy dress Thankgiving lol but oh well! My first American Thanksgiving accomplished! Usually we do turkey and mash and all that jazz with the famnily back home and go to the cottage for Canadian Thanksgiving so nothing drastically different there!

Also! Parent teacher interviews! on a weekend! and I survived! haha the same week I got back, interviews were set for the Saturday meaning we really only got one day off school resulting in the feeling of an extra long week 🙁 but! after interviews Iman and I visited one of the malls which was holding a free manicure type thing so we figured why not after such a long day lol aandd I finally got the chance to meet the lovely lady who had invited me to her salon last year (Marshmallows @marshmallows_kwt) ! Such a lovely person who insisted on sitting with us whilst we got our nails done and chatted with us as though we’d been friends for ages which was really lovely! Hi Shahad if you’re reading this! If you’re in Kuwait reading this, definitely go visit the salon for a mani/pedi, hair colouring or somethang! Guaranteed you won’t leave disappointed!

Other than that not much else has been happening. Have a couple arts&crafts pieces the girls have made which turned out cutesy which I’ll post, and something hella exciting as well but don’t want to jinx it so say inshallah lol hopefully you’ll know soon enough! Sharing some pictures from here and there and inshallah I’ll be back on here soon enough! xx