I had other plans for this Zara dress, something along the lines of massive turban, rolled up sleeves and trainers, maybe some denim?! but then the lovely Manal (@chinutay) sent me a few scarves from her collection (@chinutayco) (which are oh so beautiful by the way!) and I got super excited to put something together as an excuse to wear one *insert shy monkeyface emoji*

This is actually the first time I’ve ever been gifted or sent scarves by a brand/company, and maybe rightfully so because I’m quite particular with what goes on my head in terms of material, length etc. haha but eep, these are perfect! They’ve got the right amount of stretch and more than enough material to work with! Manal’s packaging is also super cute and personalized with a handwritten message and sprayed with her signature scent which smells divine mashallah x Haven’t experimented using them as turbans yet but uber excited to do so! I’ve got ‘Jaipur’ on me head which had me reminiscing about a recent trip to India which led to me going through photos, prompting a sit down of a potential Mumbai post coming at you real soon inshallah! xoxo


apologies for the grainy post in advance x loved the print on my skirt as it reminded me so much so of Ted Bakers floral pieces from last year so went ahead and skirted the material which I was over the moon about! Also just a little tip, some of you might recognize the necklace as one of H&M’s infamous neon pieces lol its the same one but I just painted over the neon with a nude nail varnish as I know myself and my colour palettes and that I’d def wear it more if was neutralized so voila! xx





Cardi and Tee: Primark

Necklace: H&M DIY (painted over with nail varnish!)

Gold Ring Stack: Astrid&Miyu

Skirt: DIY

Flats: Zara

Decided to surprise the famalam and head back home for Spring Break which was awesome! The reactions were priceless so yay lol shout out to smizzle for actually keeping a secret! x It’s April and still cold and gray and thick wool sweaters and hummmmm x Kuwait has definitely spoilt me in terms of my tolerance to the weather lol I don’t think I’ve complained as much as I usually do this time round so its progress init!

Only home for a few more days, shopping is done I suppose lol nothings really caught my eye this time around as I’m mentally just searching for certain colours and lengths etc etc so meh.

Sharing pictures from a couple weeks ago when Iman and I visited one of the many markets in Kuwait. So pretty and lots of cute stuff and of course gorgeous weather >_< haha x I’ve had these jeans for ages from Primark and I love those of you who think the tear on the left leg is oh so cool etc etc but truth is they ripped on their own because I’ve worn them so many times! I used to live in my skinnies and only owned 2 pairs I think because I’m finicky with them, and then I fell in love with my boyfriends (jeans of course!) but oh how I’ve missed them! tad bit snug lolol but I made them fit!

Also sharing my uber cool shoesies!! I’ve had my eye on the Miu Miu ones in black and white with the silver metal toe cap and the jewel encrusted ones and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend thaaat much on sneaker type shoes (the valentinos are still on my never ending wish list!) but all hail ASOS! found these lookalikes on the site (link here) and although the toe cap isn’t metal, they get the job done for me lol this was the first time wearing them out and no blisters or achings, only comfort so 10/10 from me!

Another sharing is my beautiful rosegold wishbone necklace from Astrid & Miyu! They’re based in London and do gorgeous fine jewellery, and def worth checking out! they sent me this beautiful piece alongside a silver infinity necklace and a gorgeous ring stack which you’ll hopefully be seeing in future posts. Packaging was uber cute (totally got destroyed after Kuwait customs took it apart) but eep made me a happy girl! Be sure the check out their website (link here) and follow them on instagram (@astridandmiyu) x

will try to get at least one winter outfit in whilst I’m here for a change of scenary lol but freezing rain is in the forecast so we shall see how that goes! Hope y’all are well and keeping warm and excited for some sunshine! love love xoxo








Oversized Shirt: H&M

Jeans: Primark

Shoes: ASOS

Bag: Mango

Wishbone Necklace: Astrid&Miyu

Ring: Singapore









Top: @zazaandumbairo

Necklace: Aldo

Trousers: Zara

Flats: Vincci

hiya!! hope all is well with all y’all! It’s literally been aages since I’ve posted about anything on here so instead of writing a whole blurb about all that I think its best to stick to point form!

-err I can finally walk normally now alhamdulillah! That was the greatest scare of all time and something I wish on no one! especially while on holiday in a foreign land and just blah:( last post I wrote was the day or second day of my accident whilst we were still in Phuket. Long story short, we were meant to go to Vietnam after for about 2 weeks but ended up staying in Bangkok for the Intl. Hospital as my gash had gotten infected somehow and there was a chance they’d have to re-open the stitches which I def was NOT having! So at least 10 days of hols consisted of daily hospital visits for an IV which was my outing for the day lol ended up doing 4 days in Vietnam which wasn’t nearly enough time but was beautiful! back to Kuwait and foot no better, had to go for MRI due to possible tendon and muscle cutting because I couldn’t wiggle my toes and risked surgery to fix the tendon but alhamdulillah alhamdulillah the scan showed nothing of the sort and it just needed time to get over the shock! So here we are about 2.5 months after the accident with a scar on my leg and occasional swelling and pain but alhamdulillah for where I’m at now! It’s honestly the worst feeling being immobile and it just makes you sad and feel sorry for yourself and helpless and blah just not in a good place! especially on your birthday!!

-had a few visitors come over as well which was nice! mother dearest and my sister were over for a week which was nice and a day after they left my sister-in-laws also paid a visit so it was about 2 weeks of constant family and then sudden quiet lol but the company was nice!

-we celebrated Kuwait National Day in Kuwait which was pretty exciting! threw some water balloons out the car which never actually exploded but sh thats okay! Everyone gets really into celebrating National Day and the roads are blocked and it ends up being on huge traffic jam of happy people  having a big water fight and waving flags which was a neat experience!

-school has been school! Today we actually celebrated 100 days of being in school which was shocking lol only 100?!

-also!! the purpose of this post!!! eeek!! Iman and I went to Dubai to see John the Legend at the Dubai Jazz Festival which was AHMAAZING! We decided to do a bit of a splurgy wurgy as it was onlyy 2 nights and it was the infamous Johnny boy so we stayed at the Sofitel right across from JBR which was beautiful!! The view was just ahh and being able to keep the door open on the balcony with a warm breeze coming through was heavenly lol Kuwait was still a tad bit chilly so warmth was mm but yes, definitely recommend the Sofitel! The beds and pillows were like clouds and service was wonderful and we just really had a good time! Iman is also a fab travel buddy who loves taking selfies so suffice to say we got on quite well lol xx

That’s the shortest snapshot of whats been happening so far lol I do miss taking the time to sit and write and organize my photos into a post for you guys and also myself so inshallah I’m set on blogging at least once a week to catch up..maybe share photos of our trip and places we went etc. and hopefully outfits as well! Hope you’ve all been swell and life’s been good to you thus far! Anyone have plans or suggestions for spring break?! >_< xoxo