Hafsalodi (@hafsalodi) has always secretly been my favourite! Her designs are super unique and quirky yet totally wearable on a daily basis! I’m in love with a shirt from her previous collection and had been eyeing these embellished abayas which I’m 99% sure she hand-embellishes herself so #loveputintoaproductmeansIloveitevenmore ! It made its debut on Eid whereupon I decided it needed a real-life flower crown for a photo-op et voila! Be sure to check her pieces on instagram and fashlink! xo.

*this post has literally been sitting in my drafts for ages because photos wouldn’t upload etc etc. hence the delay! eep! >_<

Early May I met my cousin in Lisbon where we were meant to have a sunny, happy-go-lucky, catching up type holiday! We hadn’t seen each other for a bit and both had time off and wanting to go someplace so figured why not. Portugal’s been on the list for a while now so I was uber excited to head over and do some exploring! But ohhhmyyygoshhh. The weather.was.terrible.! Of all weekends or the few days that we were there, the weather man must have been having a domestic at home because he was not a happy camper at all! Rain, and cold weather, and the need for multiple trips to Zara to purchase extra clothing was more than needed as it was all just so unexpected. I had been checking the forecast prior to heading over and literally the day before, the week before was sunshine and highs of 24, and it suddenly dipped to a high of 18 with thunderstorms..!! Nonetheless, we had a lovely time and made the most of just being together and in the country lol sun did shine one of the days we were there so we finally got a chance to do some sightseeing, but other than that it was really just a pleasant getaway full of shopping, makeup, snapchat filters, and food galore! Definitely have to make a trip back at some point!

p.s- pastel de nata’s aka the amazing custard looking tarts you’ll notice in more than one photo…! ahmahzing! xoxo







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Shopbop Middle East (@shopbopme) is doing an uber cool giveaway for Ramadan! Below are 2 of the pieces chosen to style for them which I think are super comfy and versatile pieces to have in ones wardrobe, Ramadan or not! Details on how to enter are below and I believe the last day is the 28th of June! Good luck love bugs xo.

-choose something from www.shopbop.com you’d like to wear for Ramadan and take a picture of it

-follow @shopbopme on instagram, post the photo with a caption telling us why you picked the item, and tag @shopbopme @shopbopme_ramadan #shopbopme

-you’ve got the chance to win a $300 USD voucher alongside a daily draw!

*Riller & Fount Luca Caftan Midi Dress in Sandstone

Scarf & Shoes: Mango

Bag & Jeans: Zara

*Line & Dot Beaux Embellishment Maxi Dress

Its officially been 3 years since I’ve been in Kuwait and 6 months since I was last home. I like doing these end of year posts because it allows for some much needed reflection on all the goodness and madness that took place and what I’ve learned from it.

This year away was one of the best and worst times thus far and there came a point where I was ready to give it all up and consciously commit to a complacent, mundane life I know I could easily achieve back home. I think I survived pretty good. I was given an opportunity to find myself, who I am and what I want, in the worst of situations and learned a little thing or two about people. People who matter and people who don’t. People who bring light and love and goodness into your life and are there to watch you ugly cry or grab a ‘Mackers’ at 2 in the morning or inspire you to make an hour on the treadmill and who you know deep down will be there for you no matter where in the world they might be. People that motivate you and push you to follow your dreams and to do what you’re good at and willingly support you because they genuinely believe in you and all that you have to offer the world. I learned that family is a word which encompasses so much more than those who share the same bloodline or bed as you and I feel unbelievably blessed and lucky to have found that this year alongside a constant support system when at times I just really wanted my mama to make it all better x I’ve written about the inconsistency of this life before and how it has the potential to ruin you and your sense of belonging and long-term comfort which I do despise, but this year I’m holding on to the fact that people always change but the memories don’t; focusing on the good memories of course. The fact that each year is never the same as the last (neither are the people unfortunately) made me consciously appreciate and cherish each and every moment of living; saying whatever I wanted to say, doing whatever I wanted to do, putting 3 white sugars into my cappuccino whilst feeling unabashed and having no regrets about any of it (the white sugars eventually became 2.5 brown sugars for calories sake but that’s besides the point!)

I was involved in my very first deportation scare, my very first car accident where I thought I was going to get hurt real bad because I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and fractured my nose, got my wisdom tooth taken out (which is a big life deal because I’m a crybaby and it took me 3 weeks to recover..), contracted pinkeye, realized its possible to give yourself a panic attack, learned that time and a bit of faith can work wonders, started going to the gym consistently (I’m no longer the owner of a pancake ass thankyouverymuch), started reading for pleasure again, have begun to stop using salt in me cooking (which mama might have an issue with), had some really cool opportunities in terms of social media and events etc. which was uber exciting!, half mastered liquid eyeliner which is a task in and of itself (cottonbuds are key), and learned how to download movies and shows on me own (go me!) Going back to uni also turned out to be a good shout Alhamdulillah and inshallah it keeps going well. I travelled on my own, made friends with complete strangers, and tried new things well outside my comfort zone. Not sure what the summer holds yet in terms of travel but time spent with mama and family is definitely well overdue! (I’m listening to you niggs x)

I’ve realised that sometimes you can’t plan for everything and taking a step back to let life take its course is what your soul needs. Everything really does happen for a reason and whatever is meant to fall in place will do so on its own accord, on its own time. I know it sounds really easy but in reality it consumes you and makes you anxious and a little bit craycray, but its one of those things you’ve just got to deal with and find your own way to cope. Not knowing whats around the corner allows for that glimmer of hope and faith that something good is to come which is often just enough to keep us going!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe summer and a belated Ramadan Kareem! Inshallah it’s been a blessed month thus far and that you’ve been fortunate to spend it amongst loved ones x Be safe, travel safe, tell your mama you love her, give endless amounts of hugs to people you care about, put happiness and love into everything you do, give your time, smile at people, mind your manners, “be happy, stay happy, and make others happy”, and don’t forget to keep in touch with your favourite felicias x x x

Konnichiwa! >_<

I’ve been meaning to post on a few [skin care] products I picked up in Japan from a couple months ago, and I know it’s been a while but I guess that just re-affirms my attestation to how amazing they really are no?!

Please excuse the funk on my carpet; it’s lost its newness, and feet, socks, shoes, and dust roam freely on its prestigiousness lol I tried to vacuum before I shot but alas!

I’ve always been particular about how my skin looks as opposed to makeup and have gone through a jillion products etc. to finally figure out a set routine as to what my face likes and reacts well to. Everyone’s skin is different and different products work on different people as cliche as it sounds lol BUT I think it’s always a bit of a trial-and-error because you’ll never know unless you try right?!

Anyways, below are a few items I picked up, tried, and love. I had done a bit of googling prior to my trip as to what items were popular and worth trying etc. so I wouldn’t be too overwhelmed especially when essentially nothing was written and explained in English! Not going to lie, when I came home I had to google how to use some items because 全く英語はありません mattaku ego wa arimasen! (#noenglish!) You can find almost all the items online via a quick google search; I’ll try and leave some Amazon links as well to make life a bit easier for y’all!

1. Medicated Sekkisei by Kose

This is similar to a toner; meant to even out skin tone, prevent aging spots, improve firmness and the general complexion of your skin. It’s also acts as a whitening agent? But I haven’t paid too much attention to that/noticed anything/not trying to whiten meself!

It’s a liquid so apply on a cotton pad as you would a toner, apply on a clean face, and feel the tingle! mm!

2. Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

These are so cute and fun to use! The box comes with mini pods that you dump in your hand (1 pod per use), add a drop or two of water to create a lather, and work into your skin for a good 30 seconds and wash off. It’s a cleansing powder featuring 2enzymes (no idea which ones!) which unclog pores and prevents spots! It leaves your skin feeling softer, pore-less, and oh so smooth!

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3. Cure Natural Aqua Gel

This is so so cool! My sister had brought it with her to Canada and specifically stated that I wasn’t to touch this. So naturally I had to. It looks like it’s got a thicker consistency to it, but when I pumped it into my hand I added some water expecting it to later or foam but it all kind of disappeared and I thought whatever, it’s a lame product lol but upon googling, turns out the product itself is basically water-based anyways and not meant to have more water added to it. It’s said to be the #1 exfoliator in Japan and apparently one bottle is sold every 12 seconds in Japan, so I was like woah I have to try this and picked one up for meself. It acts as a cleanser/gentle exfoliator. When you pump it into your hand it has a clear liquidy consistency to it; apply to a clean face and only when you work it into your skin in circular motions do you feel it working. It gets all grainy (thats your dead skin) and feels oh so satisfying that you can feel the gunk coming off! It’s so gentle on the skin and uber effective leaving your skin feeling soft and clean!

4. Botanical Hair Oil – Apple&Peach

I can’t seem to find a link for this, but it’s a hair oil which smells so so good! I have no idea why its so wonderful but it looks cute and smells cute so it must be cute for my hair! (ps. boys like it in their hair too ini shama?!)

5. Rosette Cleansing Paste

This paste comes in 4 different colors/types (click here if you’d like to have a look). I only found out after I got home and googled how to use it lol but I love this! It’s a cleanser and a little goes a long way. The green one is ‘Sea Clay Smooth’ and focuses on everything ‘pores’; cleansing, un-clogging, exfoliating, smoothing; all that good stuff! Literally a pea-sized amount is more than enough to lather for my entire face.

6. Tsururi Ghassoul Mineral Clay Pack

This is such a good face mask!! I was attracted to it because a)clay mask and b)camel but yay! It’s got good natural ingredients in it (honey, argan oil, yogurt extract etc.) and acts as an exfoliator and scrub at the same time. It comes out as a thick paste and apply as you would any other mask; give it about 10-15 minutes. Not only do you feel it tightening your face, but the color also dries up to an ashy grey clay look which is when you know it’s time to wash off. I always wash my (wet) masks off in circular motions just because I feel it really gets in there and exfoliates the skin, and this one dries smooth but when you work it into the face becomes grainy and exfoliaty and mm and essentially a 2-in-1 lush time for your face! Gets rid of any dead skin, cleans pores any any extra residue.

7. LuLuLun Face Mask

These are so fun to use, especially with someone just because you both look silly and it’s always a good time to share silly. They come in packs of 7, and are those full-face sheet masks with the holes for your eyes/nose/mouth that you lay on your face and let the magic take place lol apparently they come in 7 because it’s meant to be a ‘daily mask’ in order to see the best results, but I use it once a week in between other masks and it still ‘works’!

There are a few colors, each targeted at something different (moisture balance, brightening, high moisture etc.); My sister had tried the pink ones so I figured we stick to that lol they’re the balance moisture ones which I’m happy with. They look uber cool and feel calming and cool on the face; unfold and apply to your face and leave it on for 10-15?! (that’s what I do anyways! >_<) when time’s up you just take it off, fold, and chuck away! I like to pat my face dry after and spray some rose water on after just for toning purposes.

8. Nippon Kodo Deitanseki Soap (Clay&Charcoal Facial Cleansing Bar)

I haven’t tried this out yet, but my sister had raved about it. I’ve always heard good things about black soap and the charcoal being really good at removing dead skin and improving overall complexion so excited to try this at some point!

I obviously don’t use everything listed at once or on the daily and have other ‘non-Japanese’ products I love and use regularly, but thought I’d share in case some of you wanted to try something different! Let me know if you have questions about any products above and if you try and end up loving (or hating!) them! xoxo