A few weeks ago we headed up to Prince Edward County, someplace neither of us have ever been! I’ve always seen everyone posting about how gorgeous it is and the quaint unique stays available in the County so wanted to see what all the hype was about. (the hype is in fact very real lol)

We checked into the Drake Motor Inn, a nostalgic nod to the classic roadside motel – without the musty old-school motel vibes you’re thinking about lol think updated rooms, modern twists and amenities, keyless digital entry, and ‘woof’ beds! This is probably one of the first places I’ve come across who encourage bringing your furry friend along and provide everything they also need for a comfortable stay!

You’re also probably wondering if the Motor Inn has any affiliation with The Drake Hotel in Toronto, and the answer is yes! Think of it as a sister property to The Drake Hotel located in Toronto, and the Drake Devonshire in Wellington (Prince Edward County). The Drake Motor Inn is actually located just up the road from the lakefront Drake Devonshire which allows you to enjoy and explore both properties – the restaurant and bar is actually located at the Devonshire so that’s where you would head for some munch regardless, pleasant stroll included!

The Motor Inn itself is a two-building guesthouse featuring 12 pet-friendly rooms with an abundance of unique art, photography, and installations placed around the grounds (which also translates over at The Devonshire). Rooms can be booked as either single, double, and triple stays, depending on the size of your party, and each room features their own balcony or walk-out garden.

Upon booking, simply let the team know if you’ll be bringing pets or babies and they’ll set your room accordingly – if you don’t know this by now, we literally travel everywhere with our baby bassinet lol and did so again on this trip presuming there would be no other space for her to sleep so it just made sense. We were oh so pleasantly surprised when we opened the door and saw a crib by the bedside and my heart went all warm and fuzzy inside because I thought it was such a considerate and thoughtful gesture, especially since we had never once requested anything for bubba x extra points in our books for the team for catering to their guests and to be honest the same hospitality and warmth was something very evident and consistent throughout our entire stay!xxx

Back to the rooms lol – rooms are equipped with a stocked mini fridge, retro snacks, and quality body amenities (Malin+Goetz Rum Body Wash is now my fave!)  Each building has the most coolest of common rooms which are perfect to lounge in or get some work done – board games, and vintage polaroid cameras are available for you to borrow and complimentary tea/coffee is brought out to the common rooms every morning! An outdoor fire pit and yard space is also on the grounds for guest use.

We were fortunate to spend a good amount of time on both properties, the Motor Inn and the Devonshire as it’s where we ate all our meals and enjoyed the lakefront view!

Our first night consisted of a gorgeous lakefront dinner at The Perch. What on earth is ‘The Perch’ you may ask?! The Perch is a unique multi-functional outdoor wooden A-frame built out over the water, essentially looking like a wooden tent if you will, which can be used for anything from intimate proposals, to concerts, to special dining experiences, and oh so cool in my personal opinion!

The team had set up an almost glamping-like dining experience for us which I loved, and loved even more because there was enough space for us to have our bassinet in close proximity! While we ate, Nunu was lulled to sleep by the waves and it was the most loveliest of evenings x Another notable mention about catering to guests needs, I had mentioned that we only eat halal, but seafood was totally okay, and to be honest did not think twice about anyone sourcing halal meat out in Prince Edward County of all places. Not only was a variety of halal steak and lamb offered to us (which was delicious by the way!), but non-alcoholic mocktails to compliment dinner was the cherry-on-top to us truly feeling that the team had gone above-and-beyond to ensure we got the very best experience during our stay. They didn’t have to, but they did, and again that consistent hospitality and kindness is a reason we will be back again! *sidenote: burrata and grilled peaches is not a combo to sleep on!

I was up early the next morning so had a bit of a wander by the lake and explored the back trail at the Devonshire. It made me realize how much I missed those early mornings during my solo travels of just silent stillness and a cool breeze which made me feel like all was one with the world x I lucked out and caught sight of a beautiful Heron on the lakefront which is actually the first time I’ve ever seen one up close so yay for firsts! The back trail was more of a unique art walk, with various pieces of art posted against the fence and a nostalgic tetherball pole which we of course tried our hand at haha

The addition of a porch at the back end of the property which overlooks the lake was the perfect spot to enjoy my quiet morning with a side of fresh blueberry scones made in-house. It ended up being my private short-lived pinterest morning lol but I loved it just the same! Colourful barstools, standing tables, and built-in benches allow for a less ‘formal’ lounging experience and a perfect spot to grab drinks and chat while enjoying the lakefront breeze.

As our stay was only for a couple days, we only managed to see a little bit of town. There was an Alpaca farm I was keen on taking Nunu to, but I also considered she’s still a little too small to enjoy it so it’s been postponed until our next trip to the County. The Old Greenhouse Ice cream Shop is definitely worth stopping by, and it’s exactly that; an old greenhouse turned into an ice cream shop lol which was quite cool. There was a beautiful park up the road also which overlooks the lake which seemed fab for picnics or for kids to run wild – another point worth noting about the County in general, at least where we were staying, was the sense of community and safety especially for children. Maybe because we’re parents now and our spidey senses are heightened haha but we got the jist of the town being an ‘everyone-knows-everyone’ type town where everyone looks out for each other as if they’re their own and it was really comforting to see. Anyone we also had any interaction with, both on the properties or in town, was extremely kind and friendly and we were met with smiles all around which is never a bad thing!

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to visit Prince Edward County and understand what all the hype is about, take this as your sign to just go! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to experience it for the first time with the Drake Motor Inn and the Devonshire as it truly was the cherry-on-top to our visit and would forever recommend the property to you, be it your first or third visit to the County. An affordable, chic unique stay, and Canada’s only Conde Naste Traveler 2020 Hot List, why would you stay anyplace else?!

Thank you to the exceptionally helpful and friendly staff at The Drake Motor Inn and Drake Devonshire for providing a complimentary stay. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

A couple weeks ago we spent the weekend in Abu Dhabi and had a grand time! I’ve been a couple times prior but this time had a chance to play tour guide to my sisters who were visiting so yay! If you know me you’ll also know that playing tour guide is one of my favorite things to do so I was obviously over the moon!

Sharing what our weekend consisted of in the event you’re ever in Dubai and fancy heading over for a little more than just Sheikh Zayed Mosque!

Day 1

We drove from Dubai to Abu Dhabi Thursday afternoon in wanting to catch the sunset at Sheikh Zayed and the transition from day to night with the lights. The drive was about an hour and a half, and if you don’t drive taking a Careem is always an option or a public bus (25 Dhs-one way)  from a few locations, Ibn Battuta Metro being one of them. There are also tours that head over almost daily solely for the purpose of the Mosque and other attractions (Emirates Palace) so Groupon would be a great place to check for that!

We stayed at the gorgeous Bab al Qasr situated on the Corniche which was unbelievably stunning and right across from Emirates Palace and Marina Mall so #primelocation.

First off, it smells divine as soon as you walk in – they wouldn’t tell what scent they use, but Tom Ford was name dropped lol (if anyone knows please let your girl know). The architecture and Arabesque interiors perfectly compliment a modern-day Bedouin feel which is consistent throughout the hotel and ugh. Just so so beautiful!

(sidenote: Bab Al Qasr means ‘gateway to the palace’ which kinda sorta sums it up exactly!)

Once we settled in, got over the prettiness, selfies taken etc. we headed over to the Grand Mosque. The Mosque is open to tourists on the daily except Fridays during prayer time (midday) so definitely don’t plan to go then (unless your Muslim and intending to pray because then yes, I’d definitely suggest it!) Prior to entering everyone has to cover; women are provided with a hooded abaya (long dress with a hood) to cover their hair which is standard procedure for most places of worship. Arms and legs for both need to be covered and bottoms need to be at least ankle length, nothing above. The mosque is always my favorite in terms to its beauty and just the serenity it brings to my heart and soul. Definitely not to be missed!

Spent the evening at Yas Mall for some shopping and munch which was lovely and worth checking out. I believe Warner Brothers Studio is also close by if that tickles your fancy and/or if you’ve got kiddies who need some entertaining!

Day 2

Afternoon was spent at Sheikh Zayed again for juma (Friday prayers), which again I will forever recommend.



We were booked in for high tea at Observation Deck at 300 by Jumeirah later that day which was also perfect timing to catch the sunset from up above. The observation deck is located on the 74th floor of Jumeirah at Etihad Towers and is the highest vantage point in Abu Dhabi where you’ve got a 360-degree view of the skyline. Another place not to be missed!

Day 3

Reluctantly checked out in the morning and crossed the street over to Emirates Palace. In actuality Emirates Palace is a 5 star hotel in AD but feels completely palace-like from the moment you step through the doors.


You’re free to walk around inside and dine at any of the 14 restaurants inside. It’s also where you can grab a coffee with 24k gold dusted on top because why not lol


Heritage Village is just up the road if you’re interested in a bit of traditional Emirati history. Entry to the park is free and it’s another touristy place to hit up.

The Louvre was next and I was super excited for the sisters to see the beautiful dome on the outside bit. Another favorite of mine which would be a shame to miss!

Apparently the ceiling was designed to reflect light into the museum like palm trees do; you don’t necessarily get the palm frond, but the reflective light is spot on and so beautiful [the museum itself is grand as well!]

We stumbled upon a place called Manarat Al Saadiyat as we were looking for places to eat nearby. Such a neat creative space used for exhibits and the arts which was nice to have a look at. There’s a restaurant inside called L’Arte which had good munch, wasn’t busy at all, and quite the Instagram location, so worth checking out in my opinion!

Evening was spent at the St. Regis back by the Corniche for the launch of a new Afternoon Tea held at the Azura Panoramic Lounge . Unbelievable views and would recommend the lounge for sunset views yet again!

Regardless of only being a couple hours away, our time in AD genuinely felt like a holiday and my sisters actually preferred it to the hustle-bustle of Dubai. It’s smaller, quieter, and less touristy, but not to be overlooked if you’re ever in town, moreso now that you’ve got a bit of an itinerary made xo.

Copy of Ralph Waldo Emerson-page-001.jpg

Special thanks to Bab al Qasr for hosting me during my stay in Abu Dhabi. Thank you also to Jumeirah at Etihad Towers for hosting us for afternoon tea. All opinions and views expressed are my own.