Hi hi! We’re back from our trip and have a few posts lined up with some helpful tips, hints, and purchases that came in handy with Noura. This was our first family trip and we were gone for a little over a month; 5 countries with varying climates so you can imagine the stress in packing for this lol it was my first time having to pack for a baby, let alone taking all that into consideration but alhamdulilah we did it!

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and buy a million and one things just for the sake of keeping Noura preoccupied on the trip; the whole point was for her to be preoccupied with the world duh lol so I intentionally limited myself to a maximum of 10 new items which had the potential to make the trip a little easier (as per my research and the tiktok gods lol)

I can hand on heart say that each of these definitely came in handy when it was their time to shine; glad I purchased them, yes, but could I have also done without a couple? yea I guess so! Namely the Itzy-Ritzy toy and the Baby Einstein one which was so surprising because I thought she would love those the entire trip, but our girl got bored of them real quick, sigh.

Listing these in order of *most useful to not so most useful for you to check out for yourself! I think a majority of these would come in handy for bubbas of any ages during a trip, but you know your baby best!

  • Toy Safety Straps – girl amazing amazing amazing! Even if you’re not travelling! They’re cute and silicone and come in a pack of 4, but you essentially tie one end to babys toy, pacifier, bottle, whatever it is, and the other to the high chair, or stroller, or chair, wherever, and it completely eliminates you being a flustered mama constantly picking up said item from the ground each time it drops! Genius right?! Baby eventually figures out that they can pull the string up and get their item all on their own and everyone wins!
  •  Disposable Bibs – The exact ones we got are no longer available, but these made life so much easier when feeding baby in public or you’re out someplace to eat. There are 3 sticky tabs to peel off, 2 stick to babys chest and the other is for the neck bit, and voila! They’re leak-proof so even if something spills, no outfits are ruined, literally just like the silicone one you use at home but when baby’s done eating you take it off and throw it away. Of course you could pack your silicone one and just wash it each time – I packed ours too – but this just made life so much easier at restaurants etc.
  • Portable White Noise Machine – We’re officially so annoyed with this after hearing it every night for a month lol but Nunu usually has her hatch going at night while she sleeps so we wanted to maintain some consistency with her bedtime despite the obvious jet lag. The battery on this lasts ages, it’s super portable and can hang from anywhere, has multiple sound options to choose from and the volume reach on it is super good. I was a bit mehh at the price but after getting it and using it, it’s definitely a high quality product worth every penny!
  • Suction Spinner Toys – Not only were these fab for when we had a window seat on the plane, we used them in hotel rooms, at the airport itself, wherever there was a wall they would suction on to and we needed a distraction lol I currently have two stuck to the island in our kitchen and one upstairs on my bathroom cabinet, so yes, highly recommend lol
  • Biodegradable Baby Laundry Sheets –  These were recommended by a friend and I was like woah! I didn’t even think about what I’d do about washing Nunu’s laundry lol the only reason why they’re further down is because I only used them a couple times due to not having access to a laundry machine ourselves, but when we did use them, fabulous! They come in a flat pack, so its super easy and compact to pack. Each sheet rips into two pieces and you just throw one of those pieces into a load and carry on as usual! Such a genius idea!
  • Stroller fan – Okay I was totally going back and forth on this one and tried to find a much cheaper one at my local dollar store (which I couldn’t), but it came in handy loads, both in Dubai and especially during Umrah amongst the sea of people to help keep Noura cool, so I can’t hate it. It’s super sturdy, the grip bit doesn’t slide at all, the fan itself has 3 speeds and an LED light with different brightness settings, so meh, I still love it and I know it will come in handy in the future lol
  • Baby Einstein Sensory Clutch Toy – can’t find this one on amazon, but I picked it up from Toys R’ Us super excited at the fact it was so compact and had so many sensory features that Nunu would love lol but she was just meh about it. Other babies we met in passing and at the masjid etc loved it haha so maybe it’s just Noura, but I loved it!
  • Itzy Ritzy Link Toy – again, another toy I was so excited to surprise her with for the trip because it was just so multi-functional, teether and pull-tabs and crunchy feet so my logic was perfect it’s an all-in-one so I’m not going to bother packing other toys lol but it was another meh for my Nunu lol Itzy-Ritzy does these in different animals though so still worth checking out for your bubs!
  • Packing Cubes – purchased two sets of these because they were so helpful in organizing Nunu’s clothes for each location. I had planned her outfits before hand so automatically knew which bag was for which country and just picked up a ready-made-set and we were good to go. Because we didn’t get her a seat on the plane (she was in my lap), she didn’t get any checked luggage, so the cubes fit perfectly in our carry-on cases which was fab! Bilal got use out of the second set lol I personally couldn’t for my clothes; undergarments and hijabs yes, but would recommend cubes for babies 100%!
  • Baby Munchkin Spill Proof Cup – the logic behind this was that this way we would always have water for her that she could drink herself and it wouldn’t spill lol duh duh. Turns out the cup is still kinda sorta big for her and so when you drink your nose has to touch the center in order for the liquid to come out but Nunu still has a baby face and nose so it wasn’t really practical. I literally used the bottom plastic cup bit once and then it remained in our case the entire trip lol I think it’s fab if your kids are toddlers maybe, but yea this one we could have definitely done without!

These are definitely items I’ll be re-packing on our next trip but I’d love to hear if you’ve got any others! Let me know some of your must-try finds! Xoxo